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The last post. PONG!

So, in all honesty for the last three weeks I have completely forgotten to write anything. Things have been full on. In the first two days at my new school my timetable changed three times and I moved rooms twice. I also found out that I would be teaching Geography … (I don’t even have a GCSE in Geography).

In the second week the police were called to my room to search the girls who had stolen my presenter clicker and the powerpoint remote.

I had some pretty bad classes and bad days. That being said, everyone has told me that this is the worst possible time to come into the school. Three weeks to the end. The kids are tired the staff are tired, I’m tired. Everyone just wants the summer holidays. The kids have had three or four or five members of staff this term so any consistency of behaviour is out the window. I’m getting used to new policies and procedures and a new school and new staff.

Everyone has told me that things will be much better in September when I have my own room. Everyone is rested and we’re all pulling together. The kids will know that I am their teacher. They will be my own books. I really hope things will be much different.

Anyway, I’m all finished for summer now. I’ve made it through. The last Friday I was off work as I graduated. I graduated in the morning and went and got our two new kittens in the afternoon! They’re gorgeous and called Myst and Riven.

My summer currently looks like socialising the kittens and stopping them tearing the house down (really they’re very good and already litter trained which is a bonus) and planning and preparing for next year.

I finally have my timetable (given to me on my last day of term) and it’s looking like I have two year 8 classes and two year 9 classes, full time and a year 10 class and a year 11 class, once a week. Plus I have 3 classes of drama once a week which I’m really pleased about. It’ll keep my hand in and I’ll get to experience other departments.

Our veg is also coming on really well. We grew a massive courgette which was a surprise as I thought they’d all died! I’ve already planned for next year and bought seeds so I’m excited to start afresh.

Surprise Courgette

I don’t think there’s anything left to report except perhaps that I’ve decided that this will be my last post. I’ve completed my PGCE journey which is what I set out to do and now I’m a professional, so I don’t think it’s right to blog about my experiences anymore. No doubt I will still be writing about it, just not in the public sphere. Thank you so much to those of you who’ve gone on this journey with me. To my friends and family who’ve supported me through this time which has undoubtedly been the most difficult yet and for those of you reading who’re thinking of going into teaching, I would say this to you. You must want it. You must have determination and resilience. There’s a reason that the drop out rate is so high – it’s really hard, but then you know that. What I will say is that none of it seems to matter when a kid knocks on your door to ask for your help with a word game he’s stuck on or the feeling you get when in your goodbye card they write ‘Adventure is out there!’ because you’ve taught them a topic on ‘Action Adventure’ or in creative writing when I kid beams at you to tell you he’s discovered a new word – ‘PONG!’ … and with that so ends this blog.

For the last time,



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Application Sent.

So, when I got home from work I was considering writing a post about how I hate relying on other people when it comes to important things, I hate the waiting game and the worry that they won’t come through to support you. I dismissed writing it because I thought I wouldn’t have enough to talk about other than winging on about the fact that I’m still waiting on my reference and then … miracle of miracles it comes through!

It’s now less than half an hour later and I’ve paid my £23 and sent it.

I rang my boyfriend and had the standard “Am I doing the right thing, am I applying to the right places, is my personal statement ok?” wobble before I pressed the ‘Pay’ button.

I then frantically tried to log into track before I’d been sent my ‘welcome email.’ Anyway, I finally got into that and seeing my choices there in black and white sent another shock through my heart. I just want to hear back right now really. I don’t deal well with all this antisi ………………… pation!

Now I don’t know what to do with myself. Revise for my skills test? Research for interview? Scary stuff. But first I think I just need to chill for a few minutes. The rest of all this is down to me, which is just the way I like it. I have already today found and downloaded the current teaching standards which seem pretty straight forward and found the current curriculum as well as a few other bits and bobs which I need to print tomorrow and begin the interview preparation.

At least I know this. Within the next 40 days I am likely to have between one and three interviews, I will likely attend at least two skills test support sessions and may take my skills tests themselves (depending on how the support sessions go) and by the end of January/beginning of February I should have some answers as to how I’m going to spend the next year of my life!

I feel a bit sick.

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