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RAF Visit, consecutive lessons and ‘Outstanding’ features!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I think mine has gone quite well.

On Monday I taught two lesson. I think they went ok – not spectacular or anything but still they went on and no-one died. After school we had a really long meeting but I felt good about being involved in the challenges the department faces.

Tuesday was really hectic day. I thought I had everything all planned out and then a spanner was thrown in the works. Somehow I still managed to get everything I wanted to do done – not sure how that happened. My CM was also really supportive, which was nice.

During Wednesday I had a productive day and took the year 11 after school intervention in the evening.

Thursday I taught my first three consecutive lessons. It went really well. Lessons 1 and 3 were good solid lessons but I thought lesson 2/3 had gone quite badly because I got a bit confused with myself part way through – apostrophes for possession to bottom set year 7 – but I pulled it back. Afterwards though my mentor said it was just the last 10 minutes that stopped it being ‘outstanding’ so that’s positive – lots of progress shown

On Friday I got up and went to uni – we had a session on flipped learning. I’ve heard about and seen flipped learning done really fantastically but the session didn’t really do it justice. After that we had out English Seminar and were asked to prepare a presentation on the best lesson we’ve taught so far so I think I’m going to do it on my apostrophes for possession lesson to the year 7 literacy group as, even thought it could have been improved, lots of progress made etc. After that I drove to my placement school and delivered the RAF visit lesson which I had been dreading but it went down really well and the kids seemed to love it.

Over the weekend I have just been working on another job application. I really quite keen for this one so wish me luck. It’s taken me longer than I anticipated but I think I’m where I wanted to be. Just got to get it proofread and hope for the best.

I hope you’ve had a lovely, restful, cosy weekend, whatever you’ve been doing.



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The Final Countdown: Primary Placement.

On Monday I had a lovely day with year 3: maths engager, English, literacy, reading followed by keyboard, story time with questions throughout, a skipping workshop, computers and assembly/reading intervention.

On Tuesday I was in year 5 and observed guided reading, English, maths, art and music which was really nice.

During Wednesday I was in reception class. They were lovely. I worked with some children on phonics and observed a phonics lesson then got involved with numeracon and outdoor play. Then there was a story before lunch and massage after followed by more numeracon and some singing practice.

I was surprised how much I really enjoyed Primary and I learnt loads for my assignment.

On Thursday I really struggled through the day but I made it and I made good progress with prepping my resources and lesson planning.

On Friday I was at uni which was a really lovely day. We covered an upcoming assignment that I’m really looking forward to (geek that I am) and then had a seminar sharing outstanding practice with each other which really lifted me up.

It is finally December and on Saturday I will be putting up the Christmas decorations, playing Christmas songs and doing the Christmas wrapping. I will also be dragging Greg with me to get some tinsel and the last of the Christmas gifts and maybe visiting the village Christmas market for a couple of hours. I don’t think we have any plans on Sunday but I’m looking forward to sleeping in with Greg and moseying up in our own time and getting things done cosily, just the two of us, in our own home. I will hopefully get some planning/assignments done and some home jobs done too.



Owlfred Hoobert in pride of place.



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The week before half term.

On Monday year 8 were doing their assessment so I managed to get quite a lot of my year 10 MTP done. It’s taking longer than I expected but I think I’m getting there … it’s just quite faffy and I have to cross reference everything. This evening we also had a two hour meeting so I didn’t do anymore work on it once I got home – self preservation and all that.

On Tuesday I felt very much at a loose end I had two frees followed by a professional mentor meeting which was cut short … my curriculum mentor then came in and asked me which lessons I’d been in, so I told her the truth …  later in the day I also had my meeting with my curriculum mentor and I finally feel like we’re coming to the same sort of thoughts on things. I am to come back after half term with some starters and plenaries planned for y7 literacy in particular and y7 drama, I may even look at some for my y8s and y10s too and see if I can come up with any. She also increased my observations which is fine by me at the moment and I will opt out as soon as I need more time for planning and things.

During Wednesday I felt a bit more busy I had lots on but in my frees I didn’t manage to get a lot done, or it felt like I didn’t but I did get one section done so it can’t have been that bad

Thursday was a bit of a non-day as most of the day was spent doing assessments, which are to be marked over half term. I did however have a good y8 lesson where I got stuck in with some feedback and dot marking.

On Friday I went to uni. We did Behaviour II which was fantastic, poundland pedagogy which I’ve done before and finally poetry I which I loved. I found out that my MTP is not nearly finished at all which was a massive blow but this weekend we’re seeing some friends and I really want to dedicate a day to spending time with Greg as I feel like we haven’t seen each other properly for ages. I know I’ll have the days during half term to do what I need to do so it only seems fair. I’m trying to avoid freaking out.

I have a lot to do over half term. I want to: Finish my y10 medium term plan fully, including my assessment. I want to have starters/plenaries for all year groups that I’m teaching. I want to have my y7 literacy lesson planned and practiced and I want to make a start on my y8 MTP … not to mention catch up on jobs around the house, find time for reading, relaxing and sleeping and to spend some quality time with Greg … I’m not sure I’m going to manage it all but the most important thing I think is the sleep, the relaxation and spending time with Greg … if I sacrifice those things during term time I must catch up on them during the holiday otherwise I know I’ll just burn out. I have to be strict with myself though and not work too hard.


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Argy bargy, planning and one week till half term!

On Monday I had a fairly normal day but didn’t manage to have a meeting with my CM after school as a progress leader (year 9 form) meeting was sprung on me.

On Tuesday I had my PM meeting which was good and I got the opportunity to chat with my fellow trainees although they all seem to have been told different things about what their course leaders expect which is confusing. I also started work on my ‘noticing booklet’ which one of the other girls on my course gave me and which is really useful.

During Wednesday I managed to find my year 10 SOW and started re-planning my MTPs for after Christmas as there has been some argy bargy between my CL and CM as to when exactly I should start teaching and what my focus should be.

The drama class I attended was the same lesson as last week but I can see how it’s evolved now. The teacher has kept what went well and evolved it to be even better which was nice to see. It also gave me some interesting perspectives in terms of differences from English.

In year 10 English it was nice to see my CM deviate from her original lesson plan to give pupils information about the mock exam they’ll set next week – adhering to their needs.

In the afternoon I met with the SENCO of the school and discussed some pupils and what can be done in terms of differentiation but, all in all, they’re a very able cohort.

On Thursday I practically completed a MTP for Year 7 literacy however this may not be where my focus should be. It’s hard to be being pulled in two directions at once and I’m finding it hard to be strong in what’s best for me.

On Friday it was nice to be back at uni. We covered behaviour management and the psychological and hormonal reasons why teenagers may be poorly behaved. We also covered meaningful marking.

This weekend I am at my Mum’s for a family friends 60th birthday. It’s nice to be home with all my family and to be with my cat. He’s not been very well but I think he’s a bit better now he’s on a different diet. I’m soaking up all my time with him.

Here’s to one more week until half term, when hopefully I can get caught up with everything!


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Getting around to some Grammar.

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks since I last wrote!

What have I been up to? Well, the study/spare-room is finally finished and the sofa-bed is in. I’m so relieved and pleased with the result, right down to my  Attkinson Grimshaw on the wall. My brother came to stay for the weekend and he said it was really comfy and homely which makes me happy and it’s such a lovely room to work in too.


Finally Finished!

Greg and I never got around to painting the hallway ceiling when I said we would but the banister is going in as I type! Greg is going to take some days off sometime over the next few weeks to get the hallway done and then the decoration of the house is finished too!

Since I last wrote, I also went back to Yorkshire to see my family and the animals for a bit and went to The Great Yorkshire Show which was fantastic!

I’ve also been keeping up with the gardening and we have produce! My tomato plant is fruiting, my herbs are herbing and are in need of thinning out now which I will hopefully do once the banister men are gone today. I have also been talked into having a vegetable patch and potentially chickens! I’m not confident that we’ll have anything this year but the metaphorical and literal seeds have been sewn and we’ll be working on making it a reality over the winter ready for spring next year.

This week however, since the banister men have been here I’ve taken the opportunity to finally get round to some grammar. Yesterday I finished two books and I’m hoping that today I’ll finish a third.

Controversial as it may sound I really didn’t find Lynne Truss’s ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’ very helpful. I found The Usborne Guide to Better English far more useful. Considering I was synthesising three books into my notes I found that The Usborne Guide was very comprehensive and far more clear than the other two. I know I’ll be keeping it around and potentially having it on my desk at school.

I plan to finish off my notes today and then next time I’ll highlight important parts and write them up onto flashcards to learn and be tested on.

I have also found some time to spend on myself reading, cooking and chilling with Greg. I’ve also really got back into meditating again recently and would really recommend you check out Headspace if you’re interested. I find it really helps me to let go of stresses and find some perspective for myself.


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Literacy Test: The Result.

First I went in and the ladies there at first seemed quite officious but while I was there and smiled and was polite they seemed to warm to me. They asked me to go sit down and read the instructions and then they explained what was going to happen.

They called me over for registration first, as I had extra time and I had to present them with: a form of ID; proof of address; proof that I had a place; proof of booking and proof of my disability.

I was then let into the room and could begin. While I was sat there I could hear the other person’s headphones which was a bit distracting and I forgot to put on my glasses which I could have done with (all things to bear in mind for when I do my Numeracy Test) but I carried on and all seemed to go fine. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected in the questions and the comprehension was on being a Learning Mentor so that was a gift.

I finished, put up my hand and left the room. I the collected my things and was called over to receive my results …


I passed 😀

What was frustrating is that this is all you get … a pass … no breakdown of your percentage or anything. I know it doesn’t really matter, but I’m interested (perfectionist that I am). Here’s the letter that I received from the test centre.


I have just emailed the helpline to see if it’s possible to get a breakdown so if I can, I’ll post it here.

So that’s it. One down, one to go. I’ve now got three weeks to crack this Numeracy. I’ve got a support session booked; I’ve got the practice papers printed out and a week at half term to get on with it all.

I’m pleased that I’ve done it this way round. At least this way I know what to expect for the Numeracy. One thing that my mum suggested is that if they register me first that I ask if I can go in last so that I have less chance of hearing the other person’s headphones or that I asked to be sat away from other people … that’s something that I might try. I can but ask.

Anyway, just thought I’d up date you. Other than that I’ve been working hard at work and reading working through my reading list for uni as best I can. This weekend Greg and I, with the help of my mum, decided on a moving weekend which gives us a deadline to work to regarding work on the house (a conservatory, decorating the spare room and the hallway) and me packing everything up. Seems such a long way away and I’m impatient to get things moving. We’ll get there.


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Fourth Practice Literacy Test.

Just did my fourth practice literacy test and passed really well.

  • I got 80% on spelling (Great!) – accomplishments and negligible (I put an ‘a’)
  • 80% on punctuation (Brill!) – I missed an apostrophe from “children’s” and put a : and ; in the wrong place.
  • 90% on grammar (Thrilled!)
  • and 81% on comprehension (Fantastic!)

Overall that make 82% and I would be happy if I get that on Saturday. That’s it. I have no more online practice tests. I have the ones that I’ve printed out and I’ll be continuing to do those on an evening to keep my hand in but otherwise the next one I do will be on Saturday for the real thing. I am comforted by the fact that I’ve never yet failed, my highest pass mark being 87% on my first attempt and 76% on my third. Just got to keep my head and do my best.

I have already got all my things together: two forms of ID; proof of my disability; proof of my application and my glasses. I think I’m all ready to go. Greg is going to drive me so that I don’t have to worry about finding my way there and I’ll post soon to let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!

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