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Getting around to some Grammar.

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks since I last wrote!

What have I been up to? Well, the study/spare-room is finally finished and the sofa-bed is in. I’m so relieved and pleased with the result, right down to my  Attkinson Grimshaw on the wall. My brother came to stay for the weekend and he said it was really comfy and homely which makes me happy and it’s such a lovely room to work in too.


Finally Finished!

Greg and I never got around to painting the hallway ceiling when I said we would but the banister is going in as I type! Greg is going to take some days off sometime over the next few weeks to get the hallway done and then the decoration of the house is finished too!

Since I last wrote, I also went back to Yorkshire to see my family and the animals for a bit and went to The Great Yorkshire Show which was fantastic!

I’ve also been keeping up with the gardening and we have produce! My tomato plant is fruiting, my herbs are herbing and are in need of thinning out now which I will hopefully do once the banister men are gone today. I have also been talked into having a vegetable patch and potentially chickens! I’m not confident that we’ll have anything this year but the metaphorical and literal seeds have been sewn and we’ll be working on making it a reality over the winter ready for spring next year.

This week however, since the banister men have been here I’ve taken the opportunity to finally get round to some grammar. Yesterday I finished two books and I’m hoping that today I’ll finish a third.

Controversial as it may sound I really didn’t find Lynne Truss’s ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’ very helpful. I found The Usborne Guide to Better English far more useful. Considering I was synthesising three books into my notes I found that The Usborne Guide was very comprehensive and far more clear than the other two. I know I’ll be keeping it around and potentially having it on my desk at school.

I plan to finish off my notes today and then next time I’ll highlight important parts and write them up onto flashcards to learn and be tested on.

I have also found some time to spend on myself reading, cooking and chilling with Greg. I’ve also really got back into meditating again recently and would really recommend you check out Headspace if you’re interested. I find it really helps me to let go of stresses and find some perspective for myself.



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What I’ve been up to this week.

So, I’ve been in just over a week and I’ve been busy! After the initial sorting out stage I’ve been spending my time in the garage … sanding!This was my Friday and Monday. I managed two bookcases in two days and I’m pretty pleased with myself.

After that, on Tuesday, I was able to unpack the rest of my boxes, organise all my books and files and put up my ornaments, like a few new pictures from my old work colleagues and my mirror which I also refurbished to match last minute.

It’s starting to all really come together.

All that I’m waiting on now is for the curtains and rail to go up (tonight) and for the sofa bed to arrive (next week) and then my study will be all finished!’ve also bullied Greg into painting the hallway ceiling this weekend so that then all we’re waiting on is for the banister man to come and do his thing before I paint the walls and then gloss. Shouldn’t be such a big deal. I recogn I can do that in a week once I get started and then the house will be done!

In PGCE news I’ve emailed the provider of my DSA support and attempted to get things moving with that and I’ve also booked a new Irlen’s assessment so that I can get new lenses and new frames for starting my PGCE. Other than that I’ve not got a lot planned for the rest of the week. I am starting to feel pretty knackered now and I feel like my body is telling me to slow down.

Next week I’m going back to Yorkshire to visit my Dad and Grandad and I’m going with my Mum to the Great Yorkshire Show, which I’ve always wanted to go to – I’m excited! I’ll be away for maybe five days … but when I get back I’m hoping to really crack on with learning some Grammar and making some improvements on my areas of weakness in preparation for September. But who knows, maybe we’ll be in a position to finish the hallway by then.

Wish me Luck. TTFN.



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I’m in.

So I’m finally in! There are boxes everywhere, a lot of sorting out needs to happen, I’m very very tired and a huge spot has appeared prominently on my face but I’m Home!

After today I have no pressing plans for the next few weeks and I intend to keep it that way so that I can really sort out my room, make a start on some decorating and jobs in the house and praps even get some reading in but first I need to go to my university to conduct my ID checks. Will be doing that in about 30 mins.

Once again, not much has happened on the assessment of needs front as I wasn’t sent a letter I needed and had to ring up for them to send me one. Now I have that letter I’m waiting on Tim to talk to me about laptops so that I can make the order.

I’ve also finally finished my reading list, of course there are supplementary books that I can keep cracking on with but once I’m a bit more settled I really want to try and make some headway on my areas of weakness’.

Sorry it’s short but I need to get off to finish off everything I need to do before this evening and dinner calls. Hopefully now I’ve finished work and the move’s over I’ll have some more time to update more regularly on the prep I’m doing.

Until then, TTFN.



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Moving over, Moving upwards, Moving on.

Hey everyone,

So I know these posts haven’t been terribly regular and I hope it’s not a sign of things to come. I just feel like this time is the time of ‘doing things’ and then there will be some calm before the storm that is September.

So last I wrote it was nearly a month ago. Not much has happened on the assessment of needs front. I have discussed the changes that I wanted making and I believe that I am just waiting for confirmation of funding but if I’ve not heard anything by next week I’ll be chasing that up as there is still a way to go with it.

Packing has really been coming along, there’s not much more I can pack now before all the big stuff goes across at the end of the month and when I get back after half term it’ll be a matter of weeks which means I can plan what I’m eating, wearing etc and pack the rest.

I am still only about half way through the last book on my reading list. Work has been particularly difficult of late, so much so that I decided to hand my notice in early so that I can really get a move on with the house and the move and prep for September. All this being said it’s meant that I haven’t really felt up to reading a lot and when I have it hasn’t been very productive. I’m hoping that after half term I’ll be feeling more regenerated and motivated to give it a good go and then after June I should have lots of extra time to get a move on with the reading.

I’ve already bought some stationary, much to my other half’s despair. “We’ve not even ordered the wardrobe” he’ll cry, “or the desk!” But I think this is more of a reflection on the fact that we should really be getting on with those things rather than as a reason for me to deny myself pretty ring-binders when I see them!

More recently I’ve been changing my address on anything, not something I’ve been looking forward to but actually I’ve managed to get it all done in a couple of days, there’s things to follow up of cause but the headway has been made.


The box is only there to taunt me #YorkshireForever

In other news I’ve been gardening! The mass weeding was conducted at the weekend and I’ve rewarded myself with buying some Allyssum, Violas and a Tomato plant, £5 from the local veg shop, to join the Bay Tree that I got for my birthday!

And today I used the washing line for the first time! For those of you that don’t know me it’s long been my ambition to have: a driveway; a cat; a garden and a washing line. 13346497_10153658446735959_4590203858562204717_nThese are the things that I’ve been missing. While I don’t have a driveway I do have an easily accessible parking space and the cat is to be forthcoming (hopefully this summer – watch this space) but as is evidenced by this photo it fills me with great pride that I now have the latter two and this weekend I’ve been making full use of both!

I’m feeling very happy and pleased with myself.



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Catching up again.

Hey everyone,

After my ‘assessment of needs’ last week, was it really only last Friday? I completely forgot to update you. After going over with the assessor all my old anxieties and worries etc I was a bit too worn out to blog straight away and then Greg and I ended up having quite a busy weekend and then the week came and went and you know how it is. These things slip your mind.

To cut a long story short, I was re-assessed and was recommended all the support I expected. Seeing as this report didn’t arrived last week it should arrive this week at the latest. Once it arrives I have 5 working days to review it and send back my approval. That may prove tricky seeing as I’m splitting my time between the two houses however, I’m hoping that Greg can scan the document in for me to read over quite quickly and we can get it turned around in time.

Since I last wrote I’ve been reading quite a lot. I am currently about 20% of the way through the last book on my reading list. Some of it has proved quite tricky to get through but I’ll get there.

Other than that I’ve been packing. I’ve now done two trips with the back of my car full and this coming weekend it’s Greg’s turn. I’ve already packed up the boxes he sent me home with and I’ve made a note to remind him to bring some more for next week. I just hope everything comes together. I am definitely on the count down now.

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What it’s like to have Dyslexia.

For those of you that didn’t see this on facebook, I thought you might find this interesting.

‘This is what reading is like if you have dyslexia.’

While I can’t say that this is exactly what I see, it is the best representation that I’ve come across. The words ‘shimmer’ and move around on the page and I used to dyscribe it as like a holograph. Sometimes the words ‘dribble’ down the page, as well as across, like a waterfall. So, for those of you teaching Dyslexic or SEND students – here’s an insight!

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In Other News.

It’s half term and I’ve decided that I want to update my blog. Rather than just being about my journey into teaching, I want it to reflect the exciting changes that are taking place in other areas of my life and that, at the moment, is moving in with Greg.

Greg got the keys to his house in August(?) of last year but it took him a while to move in. Seeing as he was living with his parents he took the opportunity to get things mostly decorated, the electrics done and any hard work finished before he moved in.


The Kitchen

The Kitchen/Dining Room. 

This was pretty much done when we moved in, all we did was freshen up the paint by painting it neutral instead of YELLOW and paint a red feature wall in the dining room.


Greg insisted on putting up a TV

I do have a confession about the colour red for the dining room though … It was all to match my Coffee Maker, which I had picked out before Greg had even asked me to move in with him. Since then Greg has taken it upon himself to buy all the kitchen equipment in this colour, right down to the Red Microwave that we had to buy unexpectedly because the one that came with the house was broken.

The Living Room 

Here we refreshed the paint with a neutral colour again and picked out a wallpaper. I thought that Greg and I would fall out over wallpaper but actually it was pretty easy.


The Living Room

The mirror we bought recently from Dunelm Mill and managed to get even cheaper than stated here, it was either in the sale or marked up wrong either way – Bargain! I wanted something that would match the wallpaper without being GOLD and gaudy.

We got the rug from B&Q and is honestly the softest comfiest rug I’ve ever felt and goes beautifully with this throw which I am currently wrapped snugly in and have taken to calling ‘the shoosh blanket’ as it’s so wonderfully soft and warm. We’re also planning to get the lamps from B&Q soon and the ceiling light I persuaded Greg about I’m in love with!

All that’s missing now is a vase for the window sill.

I love sitting in here with Greg on a weekend, wrapped in the ‘shoosh blanket’ with the fire on. Sometimes I put it on without the heat just to give a nice atmosphere. Makes me feel very much at home and I hate leaving.

The Bedroom

I am IN LOVE with our bedroom wallpaper from Graham Brown. It was quite expensive but every time I go in it makes me feel so peaceful and happy. When I pointed it out to Greg I knew I loved it but didn’t expect him to agree with me, he was surprisingly quite picky, but when he did agree with me I was over the moon!


We painted the rest of the walls a neutral warm stone colour (the wallpaper was a nightmare to match) and then got all his furniture in. All that remained was a few touches from me such as the light shade and the insistence that the bed is made and the curtains drawn back and hung nicely when we get up. I’m pretty sure that that doesn’t happen when I’m not there but it will when I move in!


House Warming

Greg’s mum was really helpful too, she gave us curtains for both the living room and the bedroom and a load of bedding that no longer matched their bedroom but was perfect for ours.

These tea lights were a gift from Greg’s Aunt and Uncle and they match perfectly. We have two in the bedroom and two in the living room for cosy nights in with the fire going.

Greg’s Study


Greg’s Study

This is the latest room we’ve managed to complete. Greg just wanted a plain room where he can put up all is gaming paraphernalia, posters, maps etc, play his PC games and generally get away from me if he needs to and do his own thing. I was really pleased with the storage units he went for from B&Q’s Konnect range and they’ve worked out really well.

And that leaves two ‘rooms’ that need to be done. The spare bedroom, which is also going to double as my study and the hallway. My room is currently underway. In fact just today I painted some swatches on the wall and have started whittling them down to be vetoed by Greg when he comes home. Once it’s all painted we’ll get the sofa bed we were looking at and get all the furniture in before we paint the hallway and find a telephone table.

We’ve still got all the doors to paint and most of the rooms need pictures putting up to make things a bit more homely, our bedroom bedside tables are arriving tomorrow, plus we need a couple of lightshades upstairs and then it’s all done!

*Phew* It’s so exciting and we have lots of plans. Greg’s main preoccupation at the moment is potentially getting a conservatory put on the back of the house which I have been talked into (he played dirty and got my mum on his side!) and this summer, in the time between getting settled here and me starting uni, we would like to get a cat. Lots of things in the pipeline which is why I guess I wanted to share it with you all. So many changes this year and lots to tell. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as we progress.

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