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Last week of placement 2. Last week of uni to come.

Monday was incredible. I had my triangulation meeting and will be graduating next month as an ‘Outstanding Teacher of English’ in every standard. Incredible. I couldn’t have done any better. I also got all of my reading done so there is very little left for me to do … we’ll see how I manage to fill my time.

Tuesday was also good. I taught my last lesson with year 8. It was ok but not great but I let it go. Mrs H got me some flowers and a card from the kids. They were nice in the end. Next time I definitely need to take the hard behaviour line with a class like that.

Wednesday was good too. Just supervised for two hours and the rest of the time did job preparation. On Thursday I read all day too and on Friday I taught my last lesson and said goodbye. It was a real wrench leaving. I really enjoyed my time there and would definitely go back if I could.

Over this weekend I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ve done everything. Just prepare for university really and try and get Greg to take me out somewhere.

I feel really sad that this is coming to an end now. I only have one week left of University and then I start my new job for three weeks before summer … I’m really going to miss the support and the friends that I’ve made. I think I’m still processing things to be honest.

Looking forward to our University reunion tomorrow.



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The First Week.

This week was my first week at my first placement. I am shattered!

On Monday I was blown away by the school I’ve been placed at. The building is only 8 years old and the pupils are fantastic. No behaviour problems whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it. I only hope that I don’t get complacent and that my next placement isn’t somewhere horrible.

For the majority of Monday I observed English classes over a variety of years. I noticed that there didn’t really seem to be a behaviour policy or formal lesson structure which was interesting

On Tuesday I shadowed a year 7 pupil to all of her classes. I went to English, Biology, Food Tech and Spanish. I also had a meeting with my Professional Mentor and in the evening I had my first curriculum mentor meeting. We discussed the work all year groups were doing in English, my strengths and weaknesses and if I had any requests at what I wanted to see. We discussed my timetable too and got a general idea of what it might be like … perhaps some top set year 8, a tricky year 10 set 2, a year 7 literacy class, 1 hr of drama and perhaps a year 11 class for an hour. TBC.

She was also very impressed that my pencil case matched my folder …


what she doesn’t know it that it matches my laptop too!

During Wednesday I shadowed a year 10 pupil. We went to Business, Science, Spanish, Maths and English.

On Thursday I finally managed to get a free period to go look at the library and sort out some techy things. I also got a coffee and felt better for it as on Wednesday, after bake off, I went straight to bed and slept right through! I’m looking forward to getting some scheduled planning time as of next week. The rest of the day consisted of an English with the head of year 11 which was fantastic, two drama lessons (year 7 and year 10) and a media class. All of my A Level media came flooding back and I quite enjoyed it.

On Friday I helped out with an ASDAN group and then observed a year y11 poetry lesson and sat in on a PD ‘young health champions’ meeting followed by a y10 English lesson and then a year 10 media lesson

During my observations this week I mainly focused on the structure of the lesson, it’s organisation and behaviour management. Next week I should be given my timetable for the classes I’ll take over so I can start getting to know names, data and pupils.

This weekend my dad and his wife came to visit with the dogs. I hadn’t initially realised that they were planning to stay over but now that the house is all ready I’m looking forward to it.

In other news …



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