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Two weeks left.

On Monday I had three lessons, two of which I was really looking forward to however two went spectacularly wrong and I had to abandon the lesson. Feeling deflated however every day’s a fresh start. Just 14 days left.

I can’t believe I only have two weeks left on placement now. All the goodbye and thank you gifts have been bought

Tuesday was another tough day. The kids didn’t want to be there and are ready for summer and if I’m honest so am I – I’m tired and I don’t want to take my foot off the gas but I’m finding it hard to dredge up my reserves.

I lost my temper with year 8 and was pleased with how I shouted at them. It’s been a long time coming. I’m disheartened though because tomorrow it won’t matter to them and they’ll be just as bad.

Year 10 was a better lesson because I team taught with John and while the lesson was better and the kids were better behaved it felt like a kick in the teeth because it just shows they can do it and the problem is me. Everyone keeps praising me for doing the right thing but I don’t feel like I am. My confidence has taken a knock. I hope tomorrow is better.

Wednesday was a better day. Just two classes that went well and got lots of planning done so pleased with that.

Thursday was a better day again. P1 year 10 worked really hard and John and I managed them p4. The rest of my classes were good and just one more to do tomorrow.

Friday was good. Just one lesson which went fine and got all my planning done.

Over the weekend my brother was coming again on Friday and we had a few people round to play cards and then at the weekend I just want to crack on with some more work. It all went swimmingly and I got my EOP done plus all my marking on Saturday which left Sunday free for some chilling, proofreading and perhaps some PSHE work.

In other news … look at these Turnips!


Look at them Turnips!


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Starting to feel like a proper Teacher.

On Monday I had a nice day. A good lesson and a poor lesson, but I learnt a lot from it. I also got some lesson planning and admin done.

Tuesday was a bit of a muddled day. I felt really unorganised but for no reason really and my lesson didn’t go as well as I hoped. I now need to re-build my class’ confidence in me and make sure I’m on the top of my game with my lesson plans.

During Wednesday I had my first ‘formal observation’. I tried not to sweat it too much and to view it just as any other lesson and I felt it went ok. Somehow had a really busy day today although I’m not sure what I did over and above the usual. Maybe it’s catching up with me.

On Thursday I had my second ‘formal observations’ and received a solid ‘good’ for each of them. I also attended my first year 7 parents evening which was interesting. I’ve wanted to do lesson planning all week but I’m just too tired.

On Friday we had behaviour management session and a session on job applications which was really useful.

Over the weekend we’re having a quiet one again so that I can finish off my assignment. The word count, although under, is satisfactory and just needs proof reading. Other than that I hope I can get up to speed on lesson planning and some other admin before school next week.

It’s worth saying that I feel much better after my return from Christmas. Taking control of my own classes has really helped and I finally feel like a proper teacher and a proper trainee. Long may it continue.

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Argy bargy, planning and one week till half term!

On Monday I had a fairly normal day but didn’t manage to have a meeting with my CM after school as a progress leader (year 9 form) meeting was sprung on me.

On Tuesday I had my PM meeting which was good and I got the opportunity to chat with my fellow trainees although they all seem to have been told different things about what their course leaders expect which is confusing. I also started work on my ‘noticing booklet’ which one of the other girls on my course gave me and which is really useful.

During Wednesday I managed to find my year 10 SOW and started re-planning my MTPs for after Christmas as there has been some argy bargy between my CL and CM as to when exactly I should start teaching and what my focus should be.

The drama class I attended was the same lesson as last week but I can see how it’s evolved now. The teacher has kept what went well and evolved it to be even better which was nice to see. It also gave me some interesting perspectives in terms of differences from English.

In year 10 English it was nice to see my CM deviate from her original lesson plan to give pupils information about the mock exam they’ll set next week – adhering to their needs.

In the afternoon I met with the SENCO of the school and discussed some pupils and what can be done in terms of differentiation but, all in all, they’re a very able cohort.

On Thursday I practically completed a MTP for Year 7 literacy however this may not be where my focus should be. It’s hard to be being pulled in two directions at once and I’m finding it hard to be strong in what’s best for me.

On Friday it was nice to be back at uni. We covered behaviour management and the psychological and hormonal reasons why teenagers may be poorly behaved. We also covered meaningful marking.

This weekend I am at my Mum’s for a family friends 60th birthday. It’s nice to be home with all my family and to be with my cat. He’s not been very well but I think he’s a bit better now he’s on a different diet. I’m soaking up all my time with him.

Here’s to one more week until half term, when hopefully I can get caught up with everything!


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Medium Term Planning, Open Evening, Drama and Back to Uni!

On Monday I went to my first form time. They seem like a nice form for the most part but unfortunately the form tutor was off ill. I successfully got my laptop hooked up to the school network and found some schemes of work and began to get my head around them. I started going into the classes I will be with too with a view to getting to know names and needs.

I also had an interesting conversation with my curriculum mentor during our meeting. Turns out and I was beginning to get this impression before hand, that behaviour is not an issue but entitlement, privilege, apathy and attitude is. Which in some ways is harder to manage. Engagement will be key with my classes.

On Tuesday I went to my first year group meeting and then form time. My period 3 was cancelled and my year 7 literacy class does not start until after half term when the year group has been setted so I spent all day doing medium term planning until period 5. I managed to get the majority of my year 7 literacy medium term plan done and an outline for my year 8 writing skills and my year 10 19th C Fiction done (Jekyll and Hyde). Period 5 I observed year 11 poetry – To Autumn.

I also figured out a plan of what I want to achieve each week from now up until half term:

Week 1 – Observing, getting to know the school

Week 2 – Observing classes, getting to know the classes & complete MTPs

Week 3 – Observing classes, getting to know the classes & complete LPs (at least for November)

Week 4 – Observing, getting to know classes & prep resources (at least for November)

Half Term – LP continued & creation of slides

After Half Term – Teaching, evaluating lessons, tweaking LPs/MTPs and prepping for up to and after Christmas.

During Wednesday I went to my first form assembly which was quite enjoyable. All about the year 9s starting to think about their options for GCSE. I also found out that soon it’s the year 8s that will be doing their options as the school is extending its GCSE to three years.

I then went to Drama which was really fun. The year 7 scheme of work is about ‘Lightning Larry’. I then had 2 planning periods and really got to grips with my Jekyll & Hyde MTP. I then had year 10 followed by another year 7 drama class which I’ve decided I won’t be going into (I had to chose between P1 and P5 so as not to go over my hours) and I think I’m better in the morning.


Enter a caption

On Thursday I observed two lessons and carried on with my MTPing. It was also open evening. I was in work 8-8.30 … I got home by 9 and collapsed into bed straight away.

On Friday I was back at university. It was great to be back. We had a lecture on how children learn and then an English seminar on Writing and I handed in two of my assignments. I also stayed behind to have a chat with my course tutor … turns out I shouldn’t be starting to teach after half term but after Christmas … I now have to break this news to my curriculum mentor and all the work I’ve done on my MTPs and planning etc (apart from being good practice) is useless. After Christmas I have a 7 week half term to teach before moving on to my next placement.

My new plan is to get started on my MTP for after Christmas ASAP.

This weekend I slept. I slept in a lot. I needed it. Then I got up and tried to catch up on jobs that needed doing. I’ve run out of time but there you are. I have a feeling this will be a running trend.

Hope you are all having a restful and relaxing weekend.


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The First Week.

This week was my first week at my first placement. I am shattered!

On Monday I was blown away by the school I’ve been placed at. The building is only 8 years old and the pupils are fantastic. No behaviour problems whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it. I only hope that I don’t get complacent and that my next placement isn’t somewhere horrible.

For the majority of Monday I observed English classes over a variety of years. I noticed that there didn’t really seem to be a behaviour policy or formal lesson structure which was interesting

On Tuesday I shadowed a year 7 pupil to all of her classes. I went to English, Biology, Food Tech and Spanish. I also had a meeting with my Professional Mentor and in the evening I had my first curriculum mentor meeting. We discussed the work all year groups were doing in English, my strengths and weaknesses and if I had any requests at what I wanted to see. We discussed my timetable too and got a general idea of what it might be like … perhaps some top set year 8, a tricky year 10 set 2, a year 7 literacy class, 1 hr of drama and perhaps a year 11 class for an hour. TBC.

She was also very impressed that my pencil case matched my folder …


what she doesn’t know it that it matches my laptop too!

During Wednesday I shadowed a year 10 pupil. We went to Business, Science, Spanish, Maths and English.

On Thursday I finally managed to get a free period to go look at the library and sort out some techy things. I also got a coffee and felt better for it as on Wednesday, after bake off, I went straight to bed and slept right through! I’m looking forward to getting some scheduled planning time as of next week. The rest of the day consisted of an English with the head of year 11 which was fantastic, two drama lessons (year 7 and year 10) and a media class. All of my A Level media came flooding back and I quite enjoyed it.

On Friday I helped out with an ASDAN group and then observed a year y11 poetry lesson and sat in on a PD ‘young health champions’ meeting followed by a y10 English lesson and then a year 10 media lesson

During my observations this week I mainly focused on the structure of the lesson, it’s organisation and behaviour management. Next week I should be given my timetable for the classes I’ll take over so I can start getting to know names, data and pupils.

This weekend my dad and his wife came to visit with the dogs. I hadn’t initially realised that they were planning to stay over but now that the house is all ready I’m looking forward to it.

In other news …



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A day in the life of a SLA.

“Kat would you just cover this lesson please?”
*Duly goes to lesson.*

“Ah I don’t think S is here today …”
“Miss, my pen has leaked!”
“Ah, Miss Brown would you just mind clearing that up?”
*Takes student to faculty room – locked.*
*Takes student to closest bathroom – no paper towel.*
*Grabs tissue paper and shoves it into the offending pocket getting ink all over hands.*

*A voice in the corridor.*
“Miss, I don’t think that handwriting session is going to work for me as it clashes with blahblahblah.”
“Right, M come with me. T you can go back to lesson now.”

*While comparing timetables in a corridor.*
“Miss, A has got their phone out but they’re refusing to hand it over, please could you ring BFL.”
“Right, M come with me.”
*Goes to faculty room – locked.*
*Walks to BFL, delivers message.*

“Right, M come with me.”
*Sort’s timetable clash to the satisfaction of 6 parties.*

“Miss, I can’t open this file.”
“Ah well D, speak to Miss Brown – she’s really great at computers!”
“Is she?”
*Student sounds surprised.*

*Fixes file.*

*Goes and does photocopying.*
*Wolfs down snack bar.*
*Goes to lesson.*
“Hi Miss, D isn’t here, they’re having a meltdown in the faculty room.”
“How? I saw them less than 15 minutes ago!”
*Sets off for faculty room, glances down at watch – 10.05*

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