1 week = 5 days = 9 lessons left to go.

Monday was good but tiring. We found out in the morning that the school had a whole school internal review so that meant that I wasn’t going to be teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday so that was a relief. Also due to a variety of events today was my last lesson teaching year 10 – I can’t believe it! It’s like a weight has been lifted. So, what with everything I only have three lessons left to teach this week and six to plan for next week. All in all, that makes 9 lessons. I teach more than that in a week usually! I can’t believe that all this is coming to an end. It seems such a long time ago that I was writing for the first time telling you all about my application. I hadn’t yet decided to move in with Greg or even that I’d be going to the university I chose … I still had my skills test to do and now …

Tuesday was another good day. I saw year 10 for the last time and just TAed in lessons. I managed to get most of my lessons planned for next week and my resources printed in fact I only have two lessons left to plan plus year 8’s assessments to mark. That feels really good. I’m hoping that after tomorrow I can really crack down on my PSHE certificate and paperwork etc.

Wednesday was good too. It’s always a joy to watch Kate teach. I only have two lessons tomorrow and I got lots done today. Hopefully same again tomorrow. I’ve got everything printed and sorted for this week and next and only one left to plan for next Friday. Other than that it’s all just paperwork now. I hope that if I can get everything else done this week I can concentrate on PSHE next week.

Thursday was a good day. I only had two lessons to teach both of which went well and I got lots of work done.

Friday was lovely. For some of the other trainees it was there last day – I’m going to miss them. I can’t believe we only have one week – five days – 9 lessons left. It feels so strange.

Over this week I even managed to get my PSHE certificate finished and I’ve just finished a small list of admin tasks and I’ve already tidied up the garden so, all that remains for me to do now is catch up on my academic reading!



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