A week at home.

So, on Monday I wasn’t very productive but got through year 8 lesson planning.

On Tuesday I had to go to the doctors for a blood test and the consequential faint meant that I struggled to concentrate for the rest of the day but I did finish check over the year 8 lesson planning and got partially through year 10.

During Wednesday I had my hair cut which was really nice and finally finished all the lesson planning. Still not sure how good it is but I think that even if I had another month I’d still be fiddling and perfecting it. Sometimes enough is enough. The rest of the day I did some surprise baking ready for Christmas.

On Thursday I spent most of the day writing my assignment. I wrote about 800 words which is better than a kick in the teeth but I didn’t make it to the half way point which was my aim. Greg had a half day so in the evening we went round to his parents as we wont be seeing them this Christmas.

On Friday Greg and I nipped into town to return some items and had some brunch – it was nice and not too hectic, which was surprising. Then I spent the afternoon working on my assignment. I got to just over half way but didn’t reach my goal of 3000 words. Still, not too bad. I hope I’ll have enough time over the first few weekends in January to get it done.

Tomorrow I am finally going home to my family for Christmas and I intend to do no work. I’ll be posting again in the new year so for now, all that remains to say is have a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic new year.



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