The Final Countdown: Primary Placement.

On Monday I had a lovely day with year 3: maths engager, English, literacy, reading followed by keyboard, story time with questions throughout, a skipping workshop, computers and assembly/reading intervention.

On Tuesday I was in year 5 and observed guided reading, English, maths, art and music which was really nice.

During Wednesday I was in reception class. They were lovely. I worked with some children on phonics and observed a phonics lesson then got involved with numeracon and outdoor play. Then there was a story before lunch and massage after followed by more numeracon and some singing practice.

I was surprised how much I really enjoyed Primary and I learnt loads for my assignment.

On Thursday I really struggled through the day but I made it and I made good progress with prepping my resources and lesson planning.

On Friday I was at uni which was a really lovely day. We covered an upcoming assignment that I’m really looking forward to (geek that I am) and then had a seminar sharing outstanding practice with each other which really lifted me up.

It is finally December and on Saturday I will be putting up the Christmas decorations, playing Christmas songs and doing the Christmas wrapping. I will also be dragging Greg with me to get some tinsel and the last of the Christmas gifts and maybe visiting the village Christmas market for a couple of hours. I don’t think we have any plans on Sunday but I’m looking forward to sleeping in with Greg and moseying up in our own time and getting things done cosily, just the two of us, in our own home. I will hopefully get some planning/assignments done and some home jobs done too.



Owlfred Hoobert in pride of place.




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