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A week at home.

So, on Monday I wasn’t very productive but got through year 8 lesson planning.

On Tuesday I had to go to the doctors for a blood test and the consequential faint meant that I struggled to concentrate for the rest of the day but I did finish check over the year 8 lesson planning and got partially through year 10.

During Wednesday I had my hair cut which was really nice and finally finished all the lesson planning. Still not sure how good it is but I think that even if I had another month I’d still be fiddling and perfecting it. Sometimes enough is enough. The rest of the day I did some surprise baking ready for Christmas.

On Thursday I spent most of the day writing my assignment. I wrote about 800 words which is better than a kick in the teeth but I didn’t make it to the half way point which was my aim. Greg had a half day so in the evening we went round to his parents as we wont be seeing them this Christmas.

On Friday Greg and I nipped into town to return some items and had some brunch – it was nice and not too hectic, which was surprising. Then I spent the afternoon working on my assignment. I got to just over half way but didn’t reach my goal of 3000 words. Still, not too bad. I hope I’ll have enough time over the first few weekends in January to get it done.

Tomorrow I am finally going home to my family for Christmas and I intend to do no work. I’ll be posting again in the new year so for now, all that remains to say is have a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic new year.



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Uni all week.

This week I’ve been in Uni all week.

On Monday I had a really good day. I had a couple of lectures on catering for the more able and  EAL pupils but also finished my assignment and wrote 500 words of the next as well as spending time socialising with my course mates.

On Tuesday we had no sessions but I did have my tutorial with my course leader. I also spent the morning in uni working on my Subject Knowledge Assignment with my course mates and met Greg for lunch. In the afternoon I caught up with some admin and got on with my subject knowledge assignment.

During Wednesday I had a completely free day. I spent it tidying up my lesson plans and jazzing up my presentations. It sounds silly but just by doing that it makes me feel like I’m being more myself and giving more of me to them. I’m now really looking forward to teaching these lessons and I feel like I’ll be more myself and at ease when I’m doing it. I’ve also re-arranged some lessons to allow time for a visitor to come in and talk to the pupils about the armed forces (which ties into the action adventure topic).

On Thursday I went to a ‘Secondary Partnership Conference’ which was really informative and useful. I now feel like I have more of a grip on the type of school I want to work for.

On Friday we had an employment and SEN lecture then we handed in our Critical Reflection Assignments and got back out Planning Assignments. I got a level 7 (masters level) commendation (one below a distinction) so I was very happy with that.

Over the weekend I intend to chill, clean and catch up with house jobs. Maybe a bit of preparatory planning/editing but all in all I’ve had a good week. I just love being at University.

Next week I’m off again but will be still working on my assignments and planning. Let’s see what I get up to.



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I made it to Christmas! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

On Monday I got through the day quite fast – telling myself only 4 more days. Even with a two hour CPD it didn’t feel too bad which was a real positive.

On Tuesday I took a form time. The form tutor didn’t quite give me as much leeway as my CM but I did my best. I also had my first formal observation which I think went really well. I’ll get my official feedback from my PM on Thursday but I feel quite positive about it.

During Wednesday I got my Interim Assessment form done and my CM predicted me a 1:Outstanding so I was really pleased with that and I finished both of my MTPs. They’ll have to be tweaked as I go along but otherwise the main body is done. I thought I was going to have to do them over Christmas so it’s such a relief to have them done now.

I also got my timetable for next week’s ‘Research Week’ through and am pleased that I’ll get some time to spend on my assignments.

On Thursday I received my feedback on my observed lesson. My key strengths were:

Engagement was very good in the whole class discussion about homophones. The learning environment was very positive and students were confident in answering questions even if they were unsure of the answers.

Explanation of card sort task was clear and students worked well in pairs to identify the correct homophone to fill the gap. Students were supported in completing this activity by the clear explanation given at the start of the lesson defining how each of the homophones should be used.

Written task linked nicely from the initial activity. The extension activity required students to write a paragraph including a number of sentence types.

Katherine circulated the room and helped those students requiring additional support.

Areas to develop were:

It would have been easier if the extension activity was on a handout so that you didn’t need to keep moving back and forth between the PPT slides

Consider sharing good examples of students’ work more frequently and asking other students to share their work as a way of praising good work and ensuring that all students remain on task.

Be clearer on the timings for tasks ad ensure that students are aware of the minimum expected work to be produced in that time.

Also a visiting tutor came to see me. She seemed pretty pleased although gave contrasting advice to my CM at times – we’ll see what happens.

On Friday I was back in uni and had a good day – really productive and helped everyone out as course rep so we get a bit of breathing time with our assignments and everyone gets time off over Christmas.

Over the weekend we’re having some friends round and on Sunday I’ll do a bit of assignment work. I was hoping to do nothing but I think I’d rather get this assignment out of the way if possible and then onto the next one ASAP.

I just have to say … I made it to Christmas!

There were so many days this term when I genuinely didn’t think I would and without the support of my fabulous course leader, my partner, my family and my friends I wouldn’t have.

I did want this blog to be a reflection of both the positives and the negatives of teacher training but I’ve focused as much as I could on the positives in the end as I want to remain professional but I think in all honesty I can tell you it has been the hardest thing I have ever done, including my MA.

It’s all such a matter of luck – who you have around you, where you’re placed, who your mentors are, how far you have to travel. Anything I say at this point is going to sound cliche and to be fair unless you’re doing it it’s hard to express or understand what goes into this but for those of you that have done it – you have my admiration, for those of you doing it, know that you’re not alone and there is lots of support out there for you and for those of you thinking of doing it if you truly want it enough, go for it!



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The Final Countdown: Primary Placement.

On Monday I had a lovely day with year 3: maths engager, English, literacy, reading followed by keyboard, story time with questions throughout, a skipping workshop, computers and assembly/reading intervention.

On Tuesday I was in year 5 and observed guided reading, English, maths, art and music which was really nice.

During Wednesday I was in reception class. They were lovely. I worked with some children on phonics and observed a phonics lesson then got involved with numeracon and outdoor play. Then there was a story before lunch and massage after followed by more numeracon and some singing practice.

I was surprised how much I really enjoyed Primary and I learnt loads for my assignment.

On Thursday I really struggled through the day but I made it and I made good progress with prepping my resources and lesson planning.

On Friday I was at uni which was a really lovely day. We covered an upcoming assignment that I’m really looking forward to (geek that I am) and then had a seminar sharing outstanding practice with each other which really lifted me up.

It is finally December and on Saturday I will be putting up the Christmas decorations, playing Christmas songs and doing the Christmas wrapping. I will also be dragging Greg with me to get some tinsel and the last of the Christmas gifts and maybe visiting the village Christmas market for a couple of hours. I don’t think we have any plans on Sunday but I’m looking forward to sleeping in with Greg and moseying up in our own time and getting things done cosily, just the two of us, in our own home. I will hopefully get some planning/assignments done and some home jobs done too.



Owlfred Hoobert in pride of place.



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