The Incline to the Holidays.

Last week was a bit of a write off. On Tuesday I had a migraine which put me out of kilter for the rest of the week and culminated in me having a long chat with my CL to get me back on track … the less said about it the better really but needless to say I started this week with a problem solving to do list and that is exactly what I’ve done.

On Monday I took my second full lesson which went reasonably well. The beginning and end of the lesson were good but I kind of lost them in the middle … I managed to pull them back though and after some reflection I know what I need to do to improve next time.

On Tuesday I did an impromptu starter with year 7 which went really well and although their behaviour for my CM is not good, I didn’t have a problem this time. I’ve found the key is really clear instructions and knowledge of the consequences of their actions – which I am confident in carrying out. (In other words having a backup plan in the form of a writing if pupils won’t do as I’ve asked)

During Wednesday I delivered a drama starter which went really well.

On Thursday I also delivered a plenary – unfortunately it was cut short due to the class teacher running over … I wish I’d have ended it properly rather than letting it trail off into nothingness (something I need to work on) but otherwise it went well.

On Friday I was in uni – I had a good day and started to wind down for the weekend by prioritising all my jobs!

As you can see my delivery of lessons has increased this week – this is to give me more control and experience so that I’m ready for taking on Y8 and Y10 full time after Christmas. Something I face with determination but no small amount of trepidation…

Over the weekend my brother has come to stay with us for a week as he’s working near where we live. I’m also on primary placement for that week so it’ll be nice to finish dead on the bell and be able to get home and spend time with him as well as catching up on work I have to do.

After this week I have one more week at placement – where I’ll be observed by my PM and I also need to get my resources sorted for the first week at least. Then I have a ‘research week’ at Uni, which I’m looking forwards to although it’s likely I’ll be given another assignment to do. After that I have a week ‘off’ where I’ll be working my socks off to get everything done so that I can have a proper week off over Christmas. Just 4 weeks to go!



A hard frost in the morning.


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