Up and down but feeling more settled.

On Monday I delivered a starter with the Y10s. The starter went really well but the plenary was rubbish. After school I had a meeting that went on until 5.20 so I didn’t get home till gone 6.

On Tuesday I had my meeting with my CM which was good. I had some really positive feedback and some good pointers however, she did ask me to plan pretty much half a lesson with less than two days notice … that was a pain but I got it done although that meant working till 8.

During Wednesday I gave my Drama starter that also went really well. I observed a really great lesson with year 11 doing a carousel which they really bought into. I also observed some modelling of annotating an extract which was really useful considering that’s what I’m going to do with the year 10s next week – I’m looking forward to that one.

On Thursday I had a less good day. My year 7 starter and lesson didn’t go very well. The pupils just didn’t get it but I also I don’t think I explained myself very well … something I really need to work on – explaining clearly enough and pitching it at the right level. On the other hand I’m trying not to beat myself up too much. A part of me feels that no matter how well I explained myself a majority of them wouldn’t have understood.

On Friday I was back at uni we had our cross curricular conference day which was good and then, after handing in our assignments, we were allowed to go at 12 so I had a long lunch with a friend and came home to catch up on filing and all the other little jobs that I’ve been meaning to do like backing up my files.

On Saturday I’ve planned to do some more planning (surprise, surprise!) and we have an engagement celebration meal in Liverpool which I’m looking forward to. Hopefully Sunday will be a day of absolute chill, providing I get this planning done.

Until next week, TTFN X

P.S I also found out I got 88% on my first assignment – feeling really pleased about that.



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