Bonfire Night.

On Monday I observed some very interesting lessons and felt like I fitted back in to the school right away. I had a really good meeting with my CM and we started planning what was going to happen over the next two weeks and she gave me some really good pointers for my lesson the following day.

On Tuesday I was really nervous all day for my first full lesson during P4. It went really well although I felt I could have used my voice better. I knew how I wanted it to come out and sound but it just wouldn’t. There had been some confusion earlier in the day about actually who was going to be there. I had been told 8 pupils. I taught 22.

After the lesson I had another meeting with my CM. We made some changes to seating and talked about how we were going to approach the next few lessons having met the class and the difference between abilities of pupils. She also advised me to be quite stern as some of those pupils need it. I need to remember that I’m in charge and this is my classroom. I also need to give explicit instructions one at a time – don’t be afraid to wait. and also to sign post the timings more clearly. There were a few tweeks to the entry routines but other than that she was really happy and said there was nothing glaring that she thought was rubbish! Nobody died!

During Wednesday I delivered my first drama starter which I was really pleased with, really enjoyed it and observed my CM introduce year 10 to Jekyll and Hyde. I’m really excited for that SOW. I also finished proofreading the majority of my assignment. Just got that to tidy up on Friday and it should be ready to hand in.

On Thursday I had a busy day but finished my starters and plenary preparation for next week.

On Friday I had an ‘Independent Study Day’ as some people were still on half term. I spent it finishing my assignment which I’m really pleased about but also managed to squeeze in some time for some yoga to easy my shoulders and some meditation which was really nice.

In the evening Greg and I went to the cinema to see ‘Inferno’ the new film for the Dan Brown books. It was certainly more intense than the other adaptations of the books. Afterwards we met some friends for dinner.

On Saturday we went to the bonfire in our village and I really loved it. I’ve never been that into Halloween but I’ve always loved bonfire night and fireworks. We took some mulled wine which was gratefully received by all and then came back and watched ‘V for Vendetta’. We had a really lovely evening.

Today I want to try and get some lesson planning done but right now I’m making a shepherd’s pie for tomorrow and Greg and his dad are doing some jobs around the house that we’ve been meaning to get around to for ages. Later we’re going round to his parents for Sunday Lunch. I’m really looking forward to it but for now, while I’m waiting for the potatoes to boil I’ll get onto the lesson planning!

TTFN, hope you all had a wonderful bonfire night! X




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