I’m in.

So I’m finally in! There are boxes everywhere, a lot of sorting out needs to happen, I’m very very tired and a huge spot has appeared prominently on my face but I’m Home!

After today I have no pressing plans for the next few weeks and I intend to keep it that way so that I can really sort out my room, make a start on some decorating and jobs in the house and praps even get some reading in but first I need to go to my university to conduct my ID checks. Will be doing that in about 30 mins.

Once again, not much has happened on the assessment of needs front as I wasn’t sent a letter I needed and had to ring up for them to send me one. Now I have that letter I’m waiting on Tim to talk to me about laptops so that I can make the order.

I’ve also finally finished my reading list, of course there are supplementary books that I can keep cracking on with but once I’m a bit more settled I really want to try and make some headway on my areas of weakness’.

Sorry it’s short but I need to get off to finish off everything I need to do before this evening and dinner calls. Hopefully now I’ve finished work and the move’s over I’ll have some more time to update more regularly on the prep I’m doing.

Until then, TTFN.




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