Moving over, Moving upwards, Moving on.

Hey everyone,

So I know these posts haven’t been terribly regular and I hope it’s not a sign of things to come. I just feel like this time is the time of ‘doing things’ and then there will be some calm before the storm that is September.

So last I wrote it was nearly a month ago. Not much has happened on the assessment of needs front. I have discussed the changes that I wanted making and I believe that I am just waiting for confirmation of funding but if I’ve not heard anything by next week I’ll be chasing that up as there is still a way to go with it.

Packing has really been coming along, there’s not much more I can pack now before all the big stuff goes across at the end of the month and when I get back after half term it’ll be a matter of weeks which means I can plan what I’m eating, wearing etc and pack the rest.

I am still only about half way through the last book on my reading list. Work has been particularly difficult of late, so much so that I decided to hand my notice in early so that I can really get a move on with the house and the move and prep for September. All this being said it’s meant that I haven’t really felt up to reading a lot and when I have it hasn’t been very productive. I’m hoping that after half term I’ll be feeling more regenerated and motivated to give it a good go and then after June I should have lots of extra time to get a move on with the reading.

I’ve already bought some stationary, much to my other half’s despair. “We’ve not even ordered the wardrobe” he’ll cry, “or the desk!” But I think this is more of a reflection on the fact that we should really be getting on with those things rather than as a reason for me to deny myself pretty ring-binders when I see them!

More recently I’ve been changing my address on anything, not something I’ve been looking forward to but actually I’ve managed to get it all done in a couple of days, there’s things to follow up of cause but the headway has been made.


The box is only there to taunt me #YorkshireForever

In other news I’ve been gardening! The mass weeding was conducted at the weekend and I’ve rewarded myself with buying some Allyssum, Violas and a Tomato plant, £5 from the local veg shop, to join the Bay Tree that I got for my birthday!

And today I used the washing line for the first time! For those of you that don’t know me it’s long been my ambition to have: a driveway; a cat; a garden and a washing line. 13346497_10153658446735959_4590203858562204717_nThese are the things that I’ve been missing. While I don’t have a driveway I do have an easily accessible parking space and the cat is to be forthcoming (hopefully this summer – watch this space) but as is evidenced by this photo it fills me with great pride that I now have the latter two and this weekend I’ve been making full use of both!

I’m feeling very happy and pleased with myself.




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  1. Rebecca

    Glad everything is coming together hun 🙂 xxx

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