Catching up again.

Hey everyone,

After my ‘assessment of needs’ last week, was it really only last Friday? I completely forgot to update you. After going over with the assessor all my old anxieties and worries etc I was a bit too worn out to blog straight away and then Greg and I ended up having quite a busy weekend and then the week came and went and you know how it is. These things slip your mind.

To cut a long story short, I was re-assessed and was recommended all the support I expected. Seeing as this report didn’t arrived last week it should arrive this week at the latest. Once it arrives I have 5 working days to review it and send back my approval. That may prove tricky seeing as I’m splitting my time between the two houses however, I’m hoping that Greg can scan the document in for me to read over quite quickly and we can get it turned around in time.

Since I last wrote I’ve been reading quite a lot. I am currently about 20% of the way through the last book on my reading list. Some of it has proved quite tricky to get through but I’ll get there.

Other than that I’ve been packing. I’ve now done two trips with the back of my car full and this coming weekend it’s Greg’s turn. I’ve already packed up the boxes he sent me home with and I’ve made a note to remind him to bring some more for next week. I just hope everything comes together. I am definitely on the count down now.


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