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‘Review of Needs’, Reading List, To Do List & Other News.

After sorting everything out for my ‘Review of Needs’ at my Undergraduate University I have now received this email.

Hi Katherine

I just wanted to mention that after you booked in for your DSA assessment, we contacted SFE about changing your assessment from a review assessment to a full assessment.  This is partly due to the length of time since your previous assessment, but also due to the fact that whilst your original assessment was undertaken in 2008 and we took over the centre in 2011 so have no details about your previous assessment, and indeed you were not actually assessed by us. SFE have agreed that this can now be seen as a full assessment.

This will have no bearing whatsoever on your appointment with us, in terms of date/time etc or even how the assessment occurs but I just wanted to let you know.

While this is really frustrating, I’m not going to re-organise to have my assessment at my new University. I’ll just go to the previous one and have done with it.

As regards my ‘to do’ list. There have been some changes.

  • Professional Skills Tests – DONE!!!😀
  • Visit a local Secondary School – I work there.
  • Conduct an audit and draw up an action plan to address an area of weakness – Completed.
  • Begin to address subject specific work suggestions – Tied in nicely with the Audit and action plan.
  • General course reading – I have now completed 2/3 of the set texts and am now moving on to ‘Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School: A Companion to School Experience’.
  • Familiarise myself with the Teaching Standards and the National Curriculum – I learnt these for interview.
  • Sign up for ‘useful websites’ – I have been doing this as and when an opportunity presents itself.

I am happy that I’ve made a really good start with all of these things and while it seemed like a mountain to climb a month ago, at present I only have the last book on my reading list to get through. Of cause when that is finished I’ll revisit my pre-course information and see what else I can brush up on. I won’t sit idle. I’m pretty sure there’ll be something to occupy my at least up until Summer, which is only just over 100 days to go … not that I’m counting.

In other news the spare room/office at Greg’s is drying as week speak and should be finished by the end of the week – ready for us to order the furniture (pictures to follow) and also I have received confirmation …


In a way this feels like a bit of an anticlimax as I’ve known that I’ve been going for a while and been doing all this work towards it, I guess having it confirmed should be somewhat of a relief but with everything else that’s going on I haven’t really thought about it.




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