I feel like I haven’t written for ages. I think that’s partly because I’ve just been working, reading and auditing my current knowledge for my PGCE but also I’ve just been wishing my time away until Easter. Finally it’s here and I’m taking the opportunity to have a rest, read for pleasure, spend some time with Greg and bully him into doing some work on the house. My brother has been to visit the house for the first time this weekend and my Mum and her partner are coming to see next weekend.

I’ve also sorted my DSA Assessment of Needs, or thought I had. Despite me ringing up to clarify, sending all my paperwork off, booking my appointment including arranging time off and booking a parking space etc it seems that I cannot do my assessment at my University where I’ll be doing my PGCE, despite me ringing up to make sure that this would be OK. I have to go back to the University where I did my undergraduate degree and have my Review of Needs there. This makes no sense to me, I mean, what if I’d done my undergraduate degree down in London? I’m very angry about it however, I’ll be ringing up to have it all sorted tomorrow after the bank holiday and I’m hoping that I can book it for the same date as I’d booked the other one. Watch this space.


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