Student Finance & DSA.

So, I’ve wasted no time getting this underway. As soon as I knew I’d met all the criteria of my offer and Student Finance opened, which has actually happened within days of each other, I made a start.

I went to the  Student Finance website and started a new application for the year I wanted (2016/17). It was a pretty self explanatory question and answer session and all I needed was my National Insurance number and passport.

Things were a little more complicated for me because I also have to apply for DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance).  Once I’d applied for Student Finance there were a couple of other documents that they asked me to print, fill in and attach a copy of my previous assessment of needs to … I’ve done this and sent it off. It was all fairly easy and to be honest it seems a little too good to be true right now. I haven’t had to fill out any details of what I earn etc yet so I can only assume that more complicated forms are yet to come. I know that, for sure, I will probably have to attend a further up to date Assessment of Needs and then I will have to get this confirmed by the university and then the funding body before I can arrange delivery of my equipment and support …

Still I’m pleased that I’ve got the ball rolling and it’s an exciting prospect. The sooner I can get things started the sooner I can get things in place and maybe I can miss the rush!


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