A day in the life of a SLA.

“Kat would you just cover this lesson please?”
*Duly goes to lesson.*

“Ah I don’t think S is here today …”
“Miss, my pen has leaked!”
“Ah, Miss Brown would you just mind clearing that up?”
*Takes student to faculty room – locked.*
*Takes student to closest bathroom – no paper towel.*
*Grabs tissue paper and shoves it into the offending pocket getting ink all over hands.*

*A voice in the corridor.*
“Miss, I don’t think that handwriting session is going to work for me as it clashes with blahblahblah.”
“Right, M come with me. T you can go back to lesson now.”

*While comparing timetables in a corridor.*
“Miss, A has got their phone out but they’re refusing to hand it over, please could you ring BFL.”
“Right, M come with me.”
*Goes to faculty room – locked.*
*Walks to BFL, delivers message.*

“Right, M come with me.”
*Sort’s timetable clash to the satisfaction of 6 parties.*

“Miss, I can’t open this file.”
“Ah well D, speak to Miss Brown – she’s really great at computers!”
“Is she?”
*Student sounds surprised.*

*Fixes file.*

*Goes and does photocopying.*
*Wolfs down snack bar.*
*Goes to lesson.*
“Hi Miss, D isn’t here, they’re having a meltdown in the faculty room.”
“How? I saw them less than 15 minutes ago!”
*Sets off for faculty room, glances down at watch – 10.05*


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