Numeracy Test: The Result.

First, let me start with a confession.

Last week I did my final practice numeracy and didn’t do very well. In fact, I failed it. I got 53 overall.

• I got only 75% on the mental arithmetic
• 57% on the written date
• and 22% on the written arithmetic

I was devastated. Needless to say this really shook my confidence for the rest of the week and I really couldn’t bear to write about it. I was just concentrating on getting my head back in the game and trying to console myself with the fact that I’d passed 3/5 time and that I just had to go in there and give it my all. I was as ready as I was ever going to be and if I failed I’d just have to pay to take it again as soon as possible.

By yesterday morning I’d convinced myself that I was going to fail and that I just had to get through it. I went in and sat down and was through the registration a lot quicker than last time. I sat down at the computer and thought I was going to faint. I tried to do the practice question but couldn’t concentrate. I tried not to panic and spent that time trying to steady myself and pull myself together. I thought I was going to have a nose bleed. I did one or to mental maths questions and remember in the few seconds I had spare between each one I tried to calm myself still further. Then it was the other questions. I tried to read the questions carefully 3, sometimes 4 times to understand what I had to do then I’d have a go. If I thought it was going to take too long I’d flag it. Suddenly, I was on about question 12 and still had half an hour to go. This made me feel loads better. This was more what it had felt like when I’d done well. Not the panicked rushed feeling I’d had last time. I kept going and finished all 16 questions, went through the ones I hadn’t answered and quickly checking the ones I had. After that I had about 12 minutes left so checked them all again more thoroughly. I had about 8 minutes left on the clock and realised that my answers weren’t going to get any better than they already were … I ended the test. Unlike the literacy I was in no fit state to take part in the survey at the end. All I wanted was my results. All I wanted was to know that I didn’t have to go through any of that ever again.

It took an awful lot longer to get my results this time, I had to wait for about 4 people before me to get registered and receive results … I passed.

I passed 😀 and here’s the proof.


I am beyond proud and relieved that I never have to go through that again.

It’s now a clear path to my PGCE as I have met all the conditions of my offer. The next step is to apply for funding this week and start the ball rolling with DSA etc, but that’s tomorrow’s job. Until then it’s rest and relaxation and relief for me.




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