Third Practice Numeracy Test.

Just passed my third practice numeracy test at 75% which is grand.

  • I got only 50% on the mental arithmetic (6/12 pretty miffed)
  • 87% on the written date 😀 (just 1 wrong )
  •  and 100% on the written arithmetic which is fantastic 😀

I feel pretty good about that, especially as it was the written arithmetic that needed improvement last time. I think that goes to show that it all depends on what comes up on the test on the day. 11/18 overall is not bad at all.

Just got one test to do next week before the real one at the weekend as the other printed out test I have is exactly the same as the one I’ve just done which leaves me with the rest of this week to relax, unless I feel like doing practice test 4 this week and again next week. We’ll see.


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