Second Practice Numeracy Test.

Just passed my second practice numeracy test with 78% – pretty good.

  • I got 83% on the mental arithmetic 😀 (just 2 wrong)
  • 85% on the written date 😀 (just 1 wrong )
  • 66% on the written arithmetic (3 wrong)

I feel really good about that, although it’s clear that on this test my written arithmatic is the part that needs improvement. Having said that just 6/28 wrong isn’t bad at all.

Yesterday I went to a skills support session at the Uni I’ll be attending in September … unfortunately it wasn’t very helpful. Turns out I work better on my own in the quiet which I already knew really. Glad I went though as now it confirms my revision style which I was struggling with a few weeks ago.

I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about this numeracy now and like the first one was just a blip due to panic and not knowing how to go about the test.


Revising with my favorite flowers left over from Valentine’s Day.

I’m at Greg’s this week for half term so I plan to praps do another ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ test later in the week, in amongst painting swatches on the wall of the spare room and baking him the long awaited lemon drizzle cake that I’ve been promising him. That’ll leave one of each test for the week before my actual test just to keep my hand in and my anxiety down (hopefully).

Will keep you posted.

Anyway, for all you other teachers or potential teachers out there, hope you all have a lovely and restful half term.


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