Practice Numeracy Test.

Now, this isn’t one of the ‘official’ practice skills tests but it is one I’ve found and printed out. I’m not sure if it’ll be repeating the ‘official’ ones or not but any practice is good practice right?

Anyway, I passed and what’s more I passed well! 79% with 75% on the mental maths and 81% on the general arithmetic. That’s on 6/28 wrong so I’m pleased with that. 3 wrong on the mental maths, which I wouldn’t have had time to change anyway and one on the general arithmetic was on proportion which I now know how to do to one decimal place (which was my problem before) so pretty happy.

I’m going to try and do an official one tomorrow and then I’ll leave it until next week as I have training on Thursday and will be driving to Greg’s on Friday. I do have a support session on Saturday though, which will give me another chance to get my head in the game with this maths.

After that I’m going to do two next week and two the week before my test and then it’ll be a case of have a go and see what happens.


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