Literacy Test: The Result.

First I went in and the ladies there at first seemed quite officious but while I was there and smiled and was polite they seemed to warm to me. They asked me to go sit down and read the instructions and then they explained what was going to happen.

They called me over for registration first, as I had extra time and I had to present them with: a form of ID; proof of address; proof that I had a place; proof of booking and proof of my disability.

I was then let into the room and could begin. While I was sat there I could hear the other person’s headphones which was a bit distracting and I forgot to put on my glasses which I could have done with (all things to bear in mind for when I do my Numeracy Test) but I carried on and all seemed to go fine. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected in the questions and the comprehension was on being a Learning Mentor so that was a gift.

I finished, put up my hand and left the room. I the collected my things and was called over to receive my results …


I passed 😀

What was frustrating is that this is all you get … a pass … no breakdown of your percentage or anything. I know it doesn’t really matter, but I’m interested (perfectionist that I am). Here’s the letter that I received from the test centre.


I have just emailed the helpline to see if it’s possible to get a breakdown so if I can, I’ll post it here.

So that’s it. One down, one to go. I’ve now got three weeks to crack this Numeracy. I’ve got a support session booked; I’ve got the practice papers printed out and a week at half term to get on with it all.

I’m pleased that I’ve done it this way round. At least this way I know what to expect for the Numeracy. One thing that my mum suggested is that if they register me first that I ask if I can go in last so that I have less chance of hearing the other person’s headphones or that I asked to be sat away from other people … that’s something that I might try. I can but ask.

Anyway, just thought I’d up date you. Other than that I’ve been working hard at work and reading working through my reading list for uni as best I can. This weekend Greg and I, with the help of my mum, decided on a moving weekend which gives us a deadline to work to regarding work on the house (a conservatory, decorating the spare room and the hallway) and me packing everything up. Seems such a long way away and I’m impatient to get things moving. We’ll get there.



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