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Numeracy Test: The Result.

First, let me start with a confession.

Last week I did my final practice numeracy and didn’t do very well. In fact, I failed it. I got 53 overall.

• I got only 75% on the mental arithmetic
• 57% on the written date
• and 22% on the written arithmetic

I was devastated. Needless to say this really shook my confidence for the rest of the week and I really couldn’t bear to write about it. I was just concentrating on getting my head back in the game and trying to console myself with the fact that I’d passed 3/5 time and that I just had to go in there and give it my all. I was as ready as I was ever going to be and if I failed I’d just have to pay to take it again as soon as possible.

By yesterday morning I’d convinced myself that I was going to fail and that I just had to get through it. I went in and sat down and was through the registration a lot quicker than last time. I sat down at the computer and thought I was going to faint. I tried to do the practice question but couldn’t concentrate. I tried not to panic and spent that time trying to steady myself and pull myself together. I thought I was going to have a nose bleed. I did one or to mental maths questions and remember in the few seconds I had spare between each one I tried to calm myself still further. Then it was the other questions. I tried to read the questions carefully 3, sometimes 4 times to understand what I had to do then I’d have a go. If I thought it was going to take too long I’d flag it. Suddenly, I was on about question 12 and still had half an hour to go. This made me feel loads better. This was more what it had felt like when I’d done well. Not the panicked rushed feeling I’d had last time. I kept going and finished all 16 questions, went through the ones I hadn’t answered and quickly checking the ones I had. After that I had about 12 minutes left so checked them all again more thoroughly. I had about 8 minutes left on the clock and realised that my answers weren’t going to get any better than they already were … I ended the test. Unlike the literacy I was in no fit state to take part in the survey at the end. All I wanted was my results. All I wanted was to know that I didn’t have to go through any of that ever again.

It took an awful lot longer to get my results this time, I had to wait for about 4 people before me to get registered and receive results … I passed.

I passed 😀 and here’s the proof.


I am beyond proud and relieved that I never have to go through that again.

It’s now a clear path to my PGCE as I have met all the conditions of my offer. The next step is to apply for funding this week and start the ball rolling with DSA etc, but that’s tomorrow’s job. Until then it’s rest and relaxation and relief for me.




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Third Practice Numeracy Test.

Just passed my third practice numeracy test at 75% which is grand.

  • I got only 50% on the mental arithmetic (6/12 pretty miffed)
  • 87% on the written date 😀 (just 1 wrong )
  •  and 100% on the written arithmetic which is fantastic 😀

I feel pretty good about that, especially as it was the written arithmetic that needed improvement last time. I think that goes to show that it all depends on what comes up on the test on the day. 11/18 overall is not bad at all.

Just got one test to do next week before the real one at the weekend as the other printed out test I have is exactly the same as the one I’ve just done which leaves me with the rest of this week to relax, unless I feel like doing practice test 4 this week and again next week. We’ll see.

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In Other News.

It’s half term and I’ve decided that I want to update my blog. Rather than just being about my journey into teaching, I want it to reflect the exciting changes that are taking place in other areas of my life and that, at the moment, is moving in with Greg.

Greg got the keys to his house in August(?) of last year but it took him a while to move in. Seeing as he was living with his parents he took the opportunity to get things mostly decorated, the electrics done and any hard work finished before he moved in.


The Kitchen

The Kitchen/Dining Room. 

This was pretty much done when we moved in, all we did was freshen up the paint by painting it neutral instead of YELLOW and paint a red feature wall in the dining room.


Greg insisted on putting up a TV

I do have a confession about the colour red for the dining room though … It was all to match my Coffee Maker, which I had picked out before Greg had even asked me to move in with him. Since then Greg has taken it upon himself to buy all the kitchen equipment in this colour, right down to the Red Microwave that we had to buy unexpectedly because the one that came with the house was broken.

The Living Room 

Here we refreshed the paint with a neutral colour again and picked out a wallpaper. I thought that Greg and I would fall out over wallpaper but actually it was pretty easy.


The Living Room

The mirror we bought recently from Dunelm Mill and managed to get even cheaper than stated here, it was either in the sale or marked up wrong either way – Bargain! I wanted something that would match the wallpaper without being GOLD and gaudy.

We got the rug from B&Q and is honestly the softest comfiest rug I’ve ever felt and goes beautifully with this throw which I am currently wrapped snugly in and have taken to calling ‘the shoosh blanket’ as it’s so wonderfully soft and warm. We’re also planning to get the lamps from B&Q soon and the ceiling light I persuaded Greg about I’m in love with!

All that’s missing now is a vase for the window sill.

I love sitting in here with Greg on a weekend, wrapped in the ‘shoosh blanket’ with the fire on. Sometimes I put it on without the heat just to give a nice atmosphere. Makes me feel very much at home and I hate leaving.

The Bedroom

I am IN LOVE with our bedroom wallpaper from Graham Brown. It was quite expensive but every time I go in it makes me feel so peaceful and happy. When I pointed it out to Greg I knew I loved it but didn’t expect him to agree with me, he was surprisingly quite picky, but when he did agree with me I was over the moon!


We painted the rest of the walls a neutral warm stone colour (the wallpaper was a nightmare to match) and then got all his furniture in. All that remained was a few touches from me such as the light shade and the insistence that the bed is made and the curtains drawn back and hung nicely when we get up. I’m pretty sure that that doesn’t happen when I’m not there but it will when I move in!


House Warming

Greg’s mum was really helpful too, she gave us curtains for both the living room and the bedroom and a load of bedding that no longer matched their bedroom but was perfect for ours.

These tea lights were a gift from Greg’s Aunt and Uncle and they match perfectly. We have two in the bedroom and two in the living room for cosy nights in with the fire going.

Greg’s Study


Greg’s Study

This is the latest room we’ve managed to complete. Greg just wanted a plain room where he can put up all is gaming paraphernalia, posters, maps etc, play his PC games and generally get away from me if he needs to and do his own thing. I was really pleased with the storage units he went for from B&Q’s Konnect range and they’ve worked out really well.

And that leaves two ‘rooms’ that need to be done. The spare bedroom, which is also going to double as my study and the hallway. My room is currently underway. In fact just today I painted some swatches on the wall and have started whittling them down to be vetoed by Greg when he comes home. Once it’s all painted we’ll get the sofa bed we were looking at and get all the furniture in before we paint the hallway and find a telephone table.

We’ve still got all the doors to paint and most of the rooms need pictures putting up to make things a bit more homely, our bedroom bedside tables are arriving tomorrow, plus we need a couple of lightshades upstairs and then it’s all done!

*Phew* It’s so exciting and we have lots of plans. Greg’s main preoccupation at the moment is potentially getting a conservatory put on the back of the house which I have been talked into (he played dirty and got my mum on his side!) and this summer, in the time between getting settled here and me starting uni, we would like to get a cat. Lots of things in the pipeline which is why I guess I wanted to share it with you all. So many changes this year and lots to tell. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as we progress.

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Second Practice Numeracy Test.

Just passed my second practice numeracy test with 78% – pretty good.

  • I got 83% on the mental arithmetic 😀 (just 2 wrong)
  • 85% on the written date 😀 (just 1 wrong )
  • 66% on the written arithmetic (3 wrong)

I feel really good about that, although it’s clear that on this test my written arithmatic is the part that needs improvement. Having said that just 6/28 wrong isn’t bad at all.

Yesterday I went to a skills support session at the Uni I’ll be attending in September … unfortunately it wasn’t very helpful. Turns out I work better on my own in the quiet which I already knew really. Glad I went though as now it confirms my revision style which I was struggling with a few weeks ago.

I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about this numeracy now and like the first one was just a blip due to panic and not knowing how to go about the test.


Revising with my favorite flowers left over from Valentine’s Day.

I’m at Greg’s this week for half term so I plan to praps do another ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ test later in the week, in amongst painting swatches on the wall of the spare room and baking him the long awaited lemon drizzle cake that I’ve been promising him. That’ll leave one of each test for the week before my actual test just to keep my hand in and my anxiety down (hopefully).

Will keep you posted.

Anyway, for all you other teachers or potential teachers out there, hope you all have a lovely and restful half term.

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Practice Numeracy Test.

Now, this isn’t one of the ‘official’ practice skills tests but it is one I’ve found and printed out. I’m not sure if it’ll be repeating the ‘official’ ones or not but any practice is good practice right?

Anyway, I passed and what’s more I passed well! 79% with 75% on the mental maths and 81% on the general arithmetic. That’s on 6/28 wrong so I’m pleased with that. 3 wrong on the mental maths, which I wouldn’t have had time to change anyway and one on the general arithmetic was on proportion which I now know how to do to one decimal place (which was my problem before) so pretty happy.

I’m going to try and do an official one tomorrow and then I’ll leave it until next week as I have training on Thursday and will be driving to Greg’s on Friday. I do have a support session on Saturday though, which will give me another chance to get my head in the game with this maths.

After that I’m going to do two next week and two the week before my test and then it’ll be a case of have a go and see what happens.

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Literacy Test: The Result.

First I went in and the ladies there at first seemed quite officious but while I was there and smiled and was polite they seemed to warm to me. They asked me to go sit down and read the instructions and then they explained what was going to happen.

They called me over for registration first, as I had extra time and I had to present them with: a form of ID; proof of address; proof that I had a place; proof of booking and proof of my disability.

I was then let into the room and could begin. While I was sat there I could hear the other person’s headphones which was a bit distracting and I forgot to put on my glasses which I could have done with (all things to bear in mind for when I do my Numeracy Test) but I carried on and all seemed to go fine. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected in the questions and the comprehension was on being a Learning Mentor so that was a gift.

I finished, put up my hand and left the room. I the collected my things and was called over to receive my results …


I passed 😀

What was frustrating is that this is all you get … a pass … no breakdown of your percentage or anything. I know it doesn’t really matter, but I’m interested (perfectionist that I am). Here’s the letter that I received from the test centre.


I have just emailed the helpline to see if it’s possible to get a breakdown so if I can, I’ll post it here.

So that’s it. One down, one to go. I’ve now got three weeks to crack this Numeracy. I’ve got a support session booked; I’ve got the practice papers printed out and a week at half term to get on with it all.

I’m pleased that I’ve done it this way round. At least this way I know what to expect for the Numeracy. One thing that my mum suggested is that if they register me first that I ask if I can go in last so that I have less chance of hearing the other person’s headphones or that I asked to be sat away from other people … that’s something that I might try. I can but ask.

Anyway, just thought I’d up date you. Other than that I’ve been working hard at work and reading working through my reading list for uni as best I can. This weekend Greg and I, with the help of my mum, decided on a moving weekend which gives us a deadline to work to regarding work on the house (a conservatory, decorating the spare room and the hallway) and me packing everything up. Seems such a long way away and I’m impatient to get things moving. We’ll get there.


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Fourth Practice Literacy Test.

Just did my fourth practice literacy test and passed really well.

  • I got 80% on spelling (Great!) – accomplishments and negligible (I put an ‘a’)
  • 80% on punctuation (Brill!) – I missed an apostrophe from “children’s” and put a : and ; in the wrong place.
  • 90% on grammar (Thrilled!)
  • and 81% on comprehension (Fantastic!)

Overall that make 82% and I would be happy if I get that on Saturday. That’s it. I have no more online practice tests. I have the ones that I’ve printed out and I’ll be continuing to do those on an evening to keep my hand in but otherwise the next one I do will be on Saturday for the real thing. I am comforted by the fact that I’ve never yet failed, my highest pass mark being 87% on my first attempt and 76% on my third. Just got to keep my head and do my best.

I have already got all my things together: two forms of ID; proof of my disability; proof of my application and my glasses. I think I’m all ready to go. Greg is going to drive me so that I don’t have to worry about finding my way there and I’ll post soon to let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!

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