Third Practice Literacy Test.

Just passed my third practice literacy test.

  • I got 50% on spelling (Fair) – I wrote complementary instead of complimentary, disaproving instead of disapproving, prefered instead of preferred, maticulous instead of meticulous (which I nearly got right grrr) and adminastrative instead of administrative.
  • 66% on punctuation (10/15 – Fair)
  • 100% on grammar! (Thrilled)
  • and 90% on comprehension! (I only got one wrong!)

Overall I’m happy. I got 76% which is a pass and I’ve passed all three of my literacy tests so far. That just leaves one practice literacy test for next week and then I sit my real one on the Saturday after (wish me luck!) I just wish that my results weren’t getting worse, especially my spelling. I don’t expect to get 100% on the real thing but this time my spelling and punctuation really brought me down, especially as I should have got two of the spellings … Going to swat up on it all next week and hope for the best. I know I can do it just got to bring it all together on the day.


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