Re-sit First Practice Numeracy Test.

So I re-did my test like I promised I would yesterday. It definitely gave me an advantage and I think I did remember some answers or at least I remembered HOW to do them which for me is the key point. I did try to give the same answers when it came to the general arithmetic but I did do better, in fact I passed. Just. I got 60%.

Of cause the massive improvement was in my mental arithmetic. After yesterday I remembered some key advice I had been given which was to write down the key numbers right away and when I did that I managed 50% on the mental maths (6/12).

I got the same % on the written data – 70% and improved my written arithmetic by 16% getting 66% and it’s a good job I did because if I hadn’t I would have only got 57% overall which wouldn’t have passed me.

I’m not sure how I feel about having passed this test. It does feel like a bit of a cheat in that I remembered how to do some of the questions but, on the other hand, it’s all good practice … I am disappointed to be only just scraping through even with my advantage of extra time and having ‘seen’ the paper yesterday … praps it’s just a hard test?

Definitely need to look up ‘proportion’.


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