First Practice Numeracy Test.

So I just failed my first practice numeracy test. I got 42% and needed 60% to pass. That’s pretty bad. I took all of my extra time with two minutes to spare.

  • I got 16% on the mental arithmetic (bad 😦 )
  • 70% on the written date (good! )
  • 50% on the written arithmetic (fair)

Having said that just worked out though that if we were just taking into account the written tasks I still would only just have passed (70+50=120/2=60). I think I could have coped with the written results but on the mental arithmetic the time just went by too fast and I just wasn’t expecting it. I think I might try re-doing the whole test tomorrow now that I know what to expect so that I can compare results and see how I did now that I know what the formats like. I don’t think I’ll remember any of the answers and it saves the other three tests for nearer the time.

On the mental arithmetic I got two correct, five close and six I didn’t get chance to answer. I feel like I managed to sabotage myself a bit in that nearly half I didn’t even get chance to answer… very frustrating.

On the written data I only got two wrong and left one unanswered (I genuinely had no idea for that one) so that result is more than fair and I’m not sure I could improve on it.

And finally on the written arithmetic, three wrong and three right. Again not sure there’s an awful lot I could have improved on …

It’s tough. Just tough.

If the worst comes to the worst I haven’t re-arranged any of my tests yet and I’m still feeling quietly confident about the literacy so if it gets to nearer the time and I’m still not passing comfortably I’ll re-arrange to give myself more time. I’m just not sure how to get better.


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