Books, News and Maths.

So, since I last wrote things have been throng on at work but steady so I have managed to get some extra learning concerning QTS tests. I’m still not doing so well in Maths, particularly proportions, cumulative frequency, weighted averages etc but I have had a conversation with a colleague who has given me some revision guides to practice with. I am half way through the first book and the next is a work book where I can practice.

In better news the three books on my reading list have arrived! I am so excited! They are:

• Johnson, A. QTS English for Secondary Teachers, an audit and self-study guide. London: Letts Educational Davison, J. and Dowson,J. (2009 3rd ed.)£2.85 (bargain!)
• Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School: A Companion to School Experience. London: Routledge. £1.83 (bargain!)
• Evans, C., Midgley, A., Rigby, P., Warham, L. and Woolnough P. (2009) Teaching English: Developing as a Reflective Secondary Teacher. London: Sage Publications. £27.73 (still a bargain when you consider that just one of my four Norton Anthologies for my undergraduate degree was £80!)

The first book arrived a few days ago and I managed to read the introduction but because it’s been so long since I read an academic text like that it didn’t really sink in like it would have done a few years ago. Having read the introduction though I was in a quandary. Do I start my self-audit now as a practice in order to get ahead or do I wait until I’ve even started the course and get some guidance, thereby increasing the probability that I won’t be wasting my time and am more likely to get it right? For this text I have decided to leave it alone until after the QTS tests at least until such time as I can read it and really take it in.

The second text does look like more of the kind that I can get my teeth into before I start, less interactive and more: read, digest and take notes – totally into that kind of thing!

The third, and most expensive, text arrived just a few moments ago and like the second text looks like a more readable book. It’s also written by five academics that all teach on the Secondary English PGCE at Edgehill.

I can’t decide which I’m more excited about and I can’t wait to be able to get my teeth into them (I’ve only allowed myself to read the introductions so far) but my QTS tests must come first!

I will continue along my intrepid path towards success in Maths, at the moment I think I might be only just scraping a pass and keep up with English by doing another test next week. Until then.


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