Accepting Offers & Arranging Skills Tests.

So, it’s official. I got my letter through the post when I got back today and I have accepted on UCAS. I have made my decision and bar funding failing this will be happening in September 2016. It still doesn’t feel real. It’s only been six weeks. Good grief!

I feel a bit sick about it all, especially as I have just bullied myself into booking my skills tests too. Seeing as it has all been arranged I decided I needed to get around to booking a date for it. Both are in February, Literacy the first Saturday and Numeracy the last Saturday … Regardless of whether I am ready by then I need to make my first attempt. It gives me two months to get ready for it and if I don’t pass first time it gives me over four months to re-do them.

… There really is nothing more to say right now. I feel like each time I write this I am being swept along in the torrent. I know that these are the right decisions and I’ve taken none of them lightly, but it is all very daunting and I feel like a rabbit in the headlights.


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