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First Practice Literacy Test.

Just a quick note to say I’ve just done my first ever practice literacy test at DoE website and got 87% !

  • I got 100% on my spelling! (Big surprise!)
  • 73% on punctuation (4/15 wrong)
  • 90% on grammar (wrote practice instead of practise – In the main varieties of English, practice is the noun, and practise is the verb. – Grammarist)
  • and 91% on comprehension (fair)

This makes me very happy as you only need 60% to pass. I got 42/48 questions and so only got 6 wrong. Didn’t even need my extra time either.


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Accepting Offers & Arranging Skills Tests.

So, it’s official. I got my letter through the post when I got back today and I have accepted on UCAS. I have made my decision and bar funding failing this will be happening in September 2016. It still doesn’t feel real. It’s only been six weeks. Good grief!

I feel a bit sick about it all, especially as I have just bullied myself into booking my skills tests too. Seeing as it has all been arranged I decided I needed to get around to booking a date for it. Both are in February, Literacy the first Saturday and Numeracy the last Saturday … Regardless of whether I am ready by then I need to make my first attempt. It gives me two months to get ready for it and if I don’t pass first time it gives me over four months to re-do them.

… There really is nothing more to say right now. I feel like each time I write this I am being swept along in the torrent. I know that these are the right decisions and I’ve taken none of them lightly, but it is all very daunting and I feel like a rabbit in the headlights.

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Interview #1

So yesterday I had my first interview. I was feeling as well as can be expected but at least prepared as I could be. I had sent an email earlier in the week to check which time I should arrive as I had been sent two conflicting two – 11.30am and 1pm. I turned up for 10 with a view for being there for 11.30 as stipulated in the response. I got a coffee and went over my notes. No problem.

I went to the reception desk in good time and was sent down to the Faculty of Education. When I arrived the receptionist informed me that the interview wasn’t until 1pm after all. Ok … I went and had a sit and met some other candidates which was fine except one woman insisted on going over all her experiences and what might and might not come up – exactly what I didn’t want! After an hour of this I was feeling decidedly on edge but finally 1pm did arrive!

We were met by the course tutor and given a brief overview of the course and her career background. We were then given the written task and the running order for interview. I was third which I thought was pretty good. It gave me time to plan my answers, find quotes and make a start before I was called.

During the interview itself I cannot remember what I said. Hardly anything at all and yet it can’t have been that bad because in the corridor on the walk back to where the written task was taking place the course tutor said to me

I know how horrible it can be having to wait for a response, Katherine, so I’ll tell you now that as long as your written task is up to standard I’ll be offering you a place.

I can tell you that that knocked the stuffing out of me! Don’t get me wrong it was nice to know I was doing well but I also knew that now the writing task was all that stood between me and a place on a great teaching course! Suddenly the task which I was quite confident about became my nemesis!

I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had anything to eat since 8am and it was now getting on for 3pm! I felt dizzy and sick and my dyslexia accosted me with a vengeance. The words swam on the paper and my mouth was dry. I felt dreadful. I also realised that the question which I had been asked about ‘Pullman’s opinion on what children look for in stories’ was very difficult to find as the article was all about ‘Pullman’s opinion on what adults think are the benefits of reading to children’ and not from the perspective of children at all. I managed to find some allusions and tie in my opinions to teaching and its relevance but in the end I had no idea whether I had answered the question. I proofread it over (I was allowed a dictionary) but there were crossings out and double letters and added phrases and paragraphs moved around as I am now so used to using a word processor! It looked quite a mess but by now it was 4pm and the words were swimming, I knew I couldn’t do anymore and I still had the drive home to contend with. I handed it in. On the drive back to Greg’s I was convinced that I’d screwed it up. I called my parents and had a good cry.

Today I was sat with a cup of tea, checking my emails, still thinking of how badly it had gone when up popped

I am very pleased to inform you that your application has been successful – congratulations.

For the second time in as many days I was gobsmacked and had a good cry. I now have 10 working days in which to receive the official letter and to make arrangements. I have still yet to receive information from my other applications so unless I hear anything from them before then I will be accepting.

The conditions of the offer at that I pass the skills test (standard) and work to improve the language and in particular grammar side of my knowledge base (a fair comment) which I am already working towards …

Things are happening so fast and now they’re beginning to really happen. So long as I meet those conditions, in nine months I will start training to become a teacher!


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