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This weekend has been a bit of a blur. I left work on Friday and it took two and a half hours to get to my boyfriend’s house. We were sleeping in the spare room as his room was packed ready for the move on Saturday so I didn’t bother unpacking. We had a lovely ‘Sunday roast’ with his parents and I went upstairs to chill out for a little while.

I was checking my emails when I saw two more emails saying that I’d been invited to interview. Unfortunately the UCAS track page was down for maintenance so I’ve been unable to confirm or find out any more information about it. But I think one is on the same day as the one I already have, so that’ll need rearranging … Something to be done on Monday.

The other thing that was troubling me was something really lovely. My boss was in a meeting with her boss and I was called in. They were congratulating me on my application and asking where I’d applied and why. They asked me to be sure that I request a placement at the school I currently work at and that they would like me back once I qualify … It’s a really lovely offer but part of me also really wants to see other schools and other departments and see what’s on offer and how they work. It would be really easy to get really comfortable and it may also mean a delay on moving. There’s a lot to consider.

After a brief chat with my Mum to calm me I caught an ‘early night’ in that we went to bed early but ended up staying up watching a film. Normally I fall asleep half way through (standard girlfriend practice) but on Friday, just when I wanted to, I couldn’t.

I got up early on Saturday and got ready, packed my car (so that it was one less thing for my boyfriend to have to take into his house) and went off to my skills test support sessions. It was a really hard day and by the last hour my brain was no longer working but I think it was reasonably useful. We talked about what was on the test and what we needed to do to be successful. It’s just a case of practice and doing it. I have another booked in December but it’s likely to be the same material over again … I’ll see how I feel about going nearer the time. I was planning on taking my skills test in January but given that it’s nearly December already and I’m staring down the barrel of three interviews I might give myself some extra time. I was on the verge of booking them this evening but then I had to choose which one to take first and I realised I haven’t actually practiced a full test yet so I don’t know which one I would be better at … I will wait till these interviews are out of the way and then crack on with the skills tests.

I went back to my boyfriend’s new house afterwards and all was unpacked and looked gorgeous! It was a really wonderful feeling. We went to the pub to celebrate and then got a takeaway and watched a film. He even let me bring the duvet downstairs onto the sofa as a special treat! Then we went to bed and I slept really well. I just wish it could have been for longer.

On Sunday I got up and started reading and planning my interview prep. I could have done some of it on Friday but I was just so tired from lack of sleep the previous week I knew I wouldn’t have done a good job. In the end I’m glad I saved it. I read through everything and made post-it-note lists of everything I had to do and made a plan. Then my boyfriend and I managed to spend some time together over breakfast and into the afternoon before I had to drive home before the light got too low.

Since I’ve got home I’ve read some more and done some research but really I needed to get some ironing done so that I’ve got fresh clothes for work tomorrow and also ready for the interview next Monday! That being said, I’ve managed to dispense with two of the post it note lists already so that’s made me feel good and I feel so much better for just having a plan! I don’t know if I’ll get everything on my ‘to do list’ done but all I can do now is work through it methodically and do my best …

My Mum is coming for dinner tomorrow night and it’ll be really lovely to see her and catch up on everything and get her perspective and opinion on what I’m doing. I should be able to get some prep done before she arrives and then again on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Will keep you updated about the other interviews too but until then, have a lovely week.


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