First Interview. My Reactions.

Let me first start with a caveat; this blog post may be somewhat incoherent.

I got home today from a meeting early. “Great!” I thought, “I can get home, get sorted do my admin, maybe do some skills test revision make tea and have a nice relaxing, if productive, evening.”

I sat down, got myself sorted with my usual pile of ‘to do’ items: planner, pencil case, home planner, documents to read, skills test book and assorted revision stationary, book from boss to read, recipes for student. My laptop is warming up and so am I. I open my usual tabs and work my way through the notifications, what the weather is doing this weekend, my bank account, work emails, BOOM!!!

Dear Applicant, thank you for your application for a place on the above PGCE programme. I have pleasure in inviting you for an interview …

*Freeze* “Woah! Before I read this I must do the things that I must do tonight.” Immediately skills test revision goes out the window as do any extraneous books that I might get around to reading (that one goes straight on the coffee table for when I have less on my plate; at the moment that looks like it might be somewhere in the new year!)

I rang my boyfriend to settle myself before making myself an ’emergency cup of tea’ and settling down to it. I find it difficult to read through the documents because I prefer to annotate and make notes – old habits die hard – but I make three pages of notes and seven post it notes …

I then ring my family to fill them in on the situation, make impromptu Christmas decisions, and arranged with my Dad to come round to deliver my undergrad and postgrad degree certificates so I can get them photocopied …

Suffice it to say I managed to make tea, but only just and I have yet to have a shower. I have also not made much progress towards understanding what I have to do for my interview yet but I have started the process.

Tomorrow I will print some sheets in my admin at work and perhaps start to make some notes. This weekend, after the skills test day and after I have helped my boyfriend move house, I will sit down on Sunday and try to make some more sense of it. Maybe by the end of this week I might even have a plan!

I realised today that it’s not even five weeks since I sat in that coffee shop with my dear friend Becky and she asked why I couldn’t just do a straight PGCE. Three weeks later I’d completed my application. Three days ago I submitted my references and in ten days I’ll have my first interview … After a year of allowing myself to stand still, things have started moving at break neck speed. In that time my boyfriend’s asked me to move in with him, we’ve packed him up, decorated his house and this weekend we’ll be moving him in. I think it’s safe to say, I’m a little overwhelmed.


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