Application Sent.

So, when I got home from work I was considering writing a post about how I hate relying on other people when it comes to important things, I hate the waiting game and the worry that they won’t come through to support you. I dismissed writing it because I thought I wouldn’t have enough to talk about other than winging on about the fact that I’m still waiting on my reference and then … miracle of miracles it comes through!

It’s now less than half an hour later and I’ve paid my £23 and sent it.

I rang my boyfriend and had the standard “Am I doing the right thing, am I applying to the right places, is my personal statement ok?” wobble before I pressed the ‘Pay’ button.

I then frantically tried to log into track before I’d been sent my ‘welcome email.’ Anyway, I finally got into that and seeing my choices there in black and white sent another shock through my heart. I just want to hear back right now really. I don’t deal well with all this antisi ………………… pation!

Now I don’t know what to do with myself. Revise for my skills test? Research for interview? Scary stuff. But first I think I just need to chill for a few minutes. The rest of all this is down to me, which is just the way I like it. I have already today found and downloaded the current teaching standards which seem pretty straight forward and found the current curriculum as well as a few other bits and bobs which I need to print tomorrow and begin the interview preparation.

At least I know this. Within the next 40 days I am likely to have between one and three interviews, I will likely attend at least two skills test support sessions and may take my skills tests themselves (depending on how the support sessions go) and by the end of January/beginning of February I should have some answers as to how I’m going to spend the next year of my life!

I feel a bit sick.


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